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Originally designed as a health and wellness blog for dads, we have expanded over the years to offer information for anyone and everyone who needs honest, and accurate diet reviews and information.

I’m founder and head writer, Ben Corbin, and I’ve been authoring health and wellness articles for more than a decade. I currently hold a Master’s degree, but I am always continuing to further my education, and hope to have completed a Ph.D. in the near future.

I also have a background in journalism, which is where my passion for writing first developed.


I specialize in the areas of health and wellness, but enjoy writing about pretty much all things.

Our focus here at DadQuarters is to provide you, our readers, with honest diet and health reviews.

There’s a lot of fluff out there on the internet, and it can hard to know when someone is just trying to earn a buck, or if they’re actually giving the honest information that you’re looking for.

For that reason, we make it a point to personally try all of the diets that we write about.

This gives us a chance to test them out, see how they work, and offer an honest recommendation about whether or not they’re going to be able to help reach your weight loss goals, or get your health back on track.

As someone who has struggled with my weigh over the years, I know what it’s like to feel lost when it comes time to look for a diet or program to try. On top of that, most of us want to find a diet that we can follow over the long-term, so we don’t end up right back where we started after a few months.

Luckily, there are some diet and health programs out there that are about more than just fast weight loss. When used correctly, they can actually teach the habits you need to learn to change the way you eat and drink, and keep the weight off for good.

These include programs like NutrisystemSouth Beach DietPersonal Trainer FoodWeight Watchers for MenNutrisystem for MenBistroMD, and Diet to Go, just to name a few! You can find detailed reviews and information about all of these diets, plus a lot more here at DadQuarters. Be sure to read through all of our reviews to find the right diet for you.

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, be sure to use the contact info above, and we’ll hopefully be able to provide you with the answers or information you need to get things on track.


Beyond being passionate about health and wellness, I am also a husband and father to two amazing dkids. In our free time, we enjoy spending time together as a family – you can usually find us doing something outdoors!

That’s another huge reason for me to stay on top of this health game, too – it’s all about being able to enjoy life, and spend quality time with family and friends.