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Atkins vs. South Beach Diet: Which is Best?

The Atkins and South Beach Diets are two of the most well-known weight loss programs in the world.

The reason for their popularity? 

The both work great for weight loss! That means, if you’ve been looking for a program that can finally help you reach your weight loss goals, both Atkins and South Beach Diet offer real plans for getting there.

While the both produce awesome weight loss results, each one brings their own set of pros and cons. This means, while South Beach Diet may be the best option for one person, Atkins may be the better choice for another.

In this South Beach vs Atkins breakdown, we’ll take a close look at both diets, so you can decide which one is going to be the right program to get you to your goal weight this year!

Before we take a deep dive into each diet, though, let’s quickly look at what makes the programs different. This may help give you an idea of which program fits you better right out of the gates

Key Differences Between South Beach Diet & Atkins

The first thing to know about the South Beach and Atkins Diets is that they’re both a low-carb approach to weight loss.

Overall, I’d Atkins is more strict in terms of how many carbs you can eat, but they do offer several plans to choose from, with some allowing for more carbs, so that’s something to consider.

That said, here are the key differences and similarities between the two diets:

  • Both Offer Meal Delivery Options
  • South Beach Diet Works in 3 Main Phases (Phase 1 is the Most Strict)
  • Atkins Has 3 Different Plans to Choose From
  • Both Use Low-Carb Approach for Weight Loss (Atkins Has Stricter Plans)
  • Both Can Be Done without Meal Delivery
  • Both Have Meals, Snacks, and Shakes Available
  • Atkins Shakes, Bars, Snacks Available at Most Grocery Stores
  • South Beach Diet’s Full Meal Kits Are Cheaper than Atkins

With these similarities in mind, let’s take a quick look at each diet in more detail, to give you a better idea of what they’re really all about.

1. South Beach Diet

south beach diet meal delivery

South Beach Diet (learn more here) has been helping people lose weight for years now, and was first popularized with the release of some diet books, which helped officially put it on the map.

Now, you can use their full meal delivery diet service, which is an effective and easy to follow way to lose weight using the proven South Beach Diet system.

Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

  • Phase 1: First Two Weeks, Strictest Part of South Beach Diet.
  • Phase 2: Slow and Steady Weight Loss. Reintroduce some foods. Expect to Lose 1-2 LBS a Week.
  • Phase 3: Maintenance Mode. Can Transition Off Full Meal Delivery. Can Still Use South Beach Diet Food, Snacks, Shakes as needed or as meal replacement.
  • Just Eat the Food, Follow the Program, and Lose weight!

What Makes it Different than Atkins?

a south beach diet dinner

The biggest difference between South Beach Diet and Atkins, epecially when it comes to their meal delivery, is the style of food.

Its name is derived from the South Beach area of Florida, so the cuisine is often more comparable to the style of food you might find in that region.

Think egg whites and spinach for breakfast, a grilled chicken sandwich for lunch, and an artichoke stuffed chicken breast for dinner.

If you find this style of food appealing, and want a quick and easy way to lose weight, then you may want to put South Beach Diet at the top of your list.

Who Should Try South Beach Diet?

South Beach Diet is the perfect options for folks who want:

  • A Low-Carb Diet That Isn’t Overly Strict
  • Wants Keto-Friendly Menu Options
  • Wants to Lose Up to 7 LBS in Week 1
  • Wants a Clear Beginning and Ending Point
  • Wants to Learn How to Keep the Weight Off for Good
  • Wants a Meal Delivery Diet Option That’s Affordable

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2. Atkins

atkins meal kit and guides

Atkins has been a leading in name in weight loss for decades now, and while their popularity may have spiked in the early 2000s, it’s still one of my go-to picks when it comes to being one of the most effective diets on the planet.

Atkins has several low-carb plans to choose from (learn much more with our full review of Atkins), and it’s a great option for people who want a very clear-cut and easy to follow roadmap to weight loss.

Here’s  quick look at how it works:

  • Three Plans to Choose From: Atkins 20, Atkins 40, Atkins 100
  • Low Carb, Healthy Approach to Weight Loss
  • Start with Lowest Carb Plan (Atkins 20) to Lose the Most Weight, Gradually Transition to their Other, Less-Strict Plans to Maintain Your Weight Loss
  • Use Their Full Meal Delivery, Just Use Their Bars or Shakes, or Build Your Own Atkins Meal Plan

What Makes it Different Than South Beach Diet?

We sort of hit on this above, but the biggest difference is probably that Atkins has a plan that starts you out on just 20 net carbs per day.

This is pretty much a ketogenic diet, which is a much more extreme low-carb diet than what South Beach Diet offers.

atkins bars snacks and shakes

While South Beach does offer some “keto friendly” meals and snacks, if you’re looking to get into ketosis, then the Atkins 20 is more likely to get you there than anything South Beach Diet offers.

In my opinion, this also makes Atkins a better choice for those with the most weight to lose. Atkins recommends Atkins 20 for those who have 40 pounds or more to lose, and that’s because getting your body into ketosis is one of the fastest ways to burn fat and lose weight.

As you lose weight, and get closer to your goal, you can transition to Atkins 40, and then Atkins 100 for maintenance.

Who Should Try Atkins?

Atkins is a great choice for those who are considering a low-carb diet, what an option that closely resembles the ketogenic diet, and anyone who wants the convince of meal delivery.

While you don’t have to do the meal delivery option to take part in the Atkins diet program, it is a great way to simplify the process, especially when you’re first starting out.

Here are a few more reasons to consider Atkins:

  • Great Option for Those with the Most Weight to Lose
  • Very Fast and Effective Weight Loss
  • Plans for Lifelong Weight Loss
  • Very Clear and Straightforward Programs to Follow
  • Bars, Snacks, and Shakes Available at Most Grocery Stores
  • Full Meal Delivery Available

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Comparison Summary

first place medal

Both the Atkins and South Beach Diet plans have been proven time and time again to be safe, effective, and affordable options for reaching your weight loss goals.

Ultimately, you will have to take a close look at each program, and decide which one is a better fit for you weight loss needs and lifestyle.

We’ve explained some of the key differences, as well as some of the similarities above, which will hopefully make your decision much easier.

…And the Winner is

That said, we have to pick a winner, and for us it’s…

South Beach Diet

There are number of reasons that it one the best, including:

  • Safe and Effective Weight Loss
  • A Plan That’s Super Easy to Follow
  • An Awesome Menu
  • Very Little Grocery Shopping
  • Learn a Lifestyle that Can Help You Keep the Weight Off for Good
  • It’s Affordable

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