Auto Floor Guard Reviews & Cost [2018] The Best Garage Containment Mat?

autofloorguard reviews

Are you tired of your garage floors getting destroyed by snowmelt, rain, mud, and other road debris? I was too, which is why I decided to buy the AutoFloorGuard garage containment mat!

I’m going to cut to the chase here – if you have been looking for a way to keep your garage floors from getting dirty and wet during the snowy months or rainy season, then the AutoFloorGuard is a must-have! I purchased my first one about a year ago, and couldn’t be more happy with the purchase

Prior to the AutoFloorGuard, our garage floor was a wet and grimy mess during the winter, and it actually started causing real problems too – the water would migrate around the garage, and ended up ruining some of our drywall, which I had to have replaced. The water and road debris would eventually head for the floor drain, but then that started getting backed up from all of the sand and sediment that was washing down – needless to say, it was becoming a REAL problem!

That all of that changed, though, when I ordered the AutoFloorGuard from Amazon and installed it in my wife’s garage bay. From that point forward, our garage was clean and dry, the floor drain stopped backing up, and I no longer have to worry about soggy drywall. It worked so well, in fact, that I just purchased a second one for the other side of the garage, so I can now park my truck inside during the winter, without having to worry about all of the water causing problems.

Here’s My Video Review After Getting Our Second AutoFloorGuard Delivered:

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AutoFloorGuard: The Key Details

How Much Does it Cost?

PRICE: Starting at $129.99 (Get the Best Deal Here)

the auto floor guard unrolled for the first time

My AutoFloorGuard right after taking it out of the box and unrolling.

I’ve already told you how much I like the AutoFloorGuard, but there are few factors you will need to consider when deciding which one is right for you:


The AutoFloorGuard comes in three different sizes, so you will want to determine which one is best for your vehicle, and whether or not it’s going to fit in your garage. As you can see in the video I posted above, the first containment mat I ordered was a little too long for our garage bay, but I was able to fold it up against the wall, and it still does it’s job OK.

That said, here are the three sizes available when buying:

Compact: $129.99 (Buy it Here)

The compact is for smaller cars and can even fit some SUVs and trucks.

The dimensions are 7 ft 9 in x 16 ft.

Mid-Size: $143.76 (Buy it Here)

Perfect for medium-sized cars, SUVs, and smaller trucks. This is the size I bought for my wife’s mid-size SUV and it works perfectly!

The dimensions are 7 ft 9 in x 18 ft.

SUV/Truck: $179.42 (Buy it Here)

deep channels to catch the water

The large containment edge keeps water and mud on your mat, and away from the garage floor.

You will want this AutoFloorGurad if you have a truck or normal-sized SUV. I just ordered this one for my Toyota Tacoma, which has the 6 ft bed, and it fits perfectly!

The dimensions are 8 ft 6 in x 20 ft.

Deciding Which AutoFloorGuard Size is Right for You

parked my truck on it

The SUV/Truck size fits my Tacoma perfectly.

The best way to choose the correct size is to measure the length and width of your vehicle, as well as your garage bay. This will help you know for sure which one is the best fit!

How to Clean Your Auto Floor Guard

Cleaning your AutoFloorGuard is very quick and easy. I usually just take it outside my garage and hose it down when too much dirt or grime builds up. That said, I have found that you can also let most the water evaporate, and it doesn’t seem to cause any problems. If you have a ton of snowmelt, you can easily move your mat outside the garage and let it drain outside, but I haven’t had to do that yet.

I also bought a squeegee to use with mine, which you can use to push the water off if it puddles up on the mat, and then it helps your mat dry off quicker too!

The only real caution I have used with mine when cleaning is to be careful to avoid dragging it too much over the concrete, so I don’t want to wear a hole in it or anything, but otherwise cleaning is very simple!

Bottom Line

Tired of having wet and dirty garage floors during snowy or rainy months? I know I was, and it was causing real problems for my house and garage! The AutoFloorGuard is the perfect containment mat for catching water, snowmelt, and road debris, so if you’ve been looking for a way to keep your garage floors clean and dry, this is the mat for you!

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