The Best Road Trip Packing List for 2018

tips for packing for your road trip

Are you thinking about going on a road trip?

Many people are, and it can be an exciting time in your life but one that has to be managed with a preparatory mindset. If you don’t prepare, you’re going to miss out on something, and that can lead to a lot of trouble on your road trip.

This is why you will want to make sure there is a good road trip packing list in hand as you set things up.

Here is what you are going to want to know while you are preparing this list.

1: First Aid Kit

first aid kit

Begin with one of the most important items to have on your road trip packing list. You always want to have a first aid kit that is prepped for the trip and is going to add value to your trip. No one wants to get injured or ill, but it can happen.

This is where the first aid kit is going to be your best friend and is a must.

You always want to have this on hand in your vehicle as you move around.

2: Booster Cables

What if your car stops halfway? What are you going to do?

You might want to have booster cables, wrenches, and other related tools to make quick repairs if possible. This is going to save a lot of time and help you get going on the road trip instead of seeing it wasted away due to your car breaking down.

It can happen to anyone, and that is why you want to stay as prepared as you can moving forward. It will make things easier on you, and that is a must. Don’t leave without these items.

3: Flashlight


What if you get lost in the dark, or something happens where you have to get out in the night?

There are many reasons when this can be necessary along with seeing your vehicle break down in the middle of the night. So, you want to have a fully functional flashlight that isn’t going to break down and will work with batteries.

You will want to stock up on these items, so you are safe and don’t have to worry about a lack of light.

Plus, you might want to do a bit of light reading during the night, and a flashlight can help!

4: Weather-Friendly Essentials

Are you going to be going on a road trip during the winter months?

Well, you are going to have to go with something that is weather-friendly then, or things won’t work out at all! What are some of those weather-friendly essentials that are going to add value? You are going to want things such as heavy blankets, winter clothes, and car heaters.

These are great and are going to help a lot on your road trip! This is what you should be looking at as you prepare for the winter. If you are in a warmer climate, you will have to think about clothes that are ideal for that climate as well!

5: Bottles of Water

bottled water for your road trip

The next thing to add to your list when it comes to a good road trip would be water. Now, some might go with regular jugs and have them in place. However, you also want to keep bottles of water with you.

At least one pack is going to do wonders.

It is easier to deal with water bottles as you go from one place to another. Having these on hand is only going to help you and that is why you want to buy them before leaving.

6: Other Key Items

Now, it’s time to look at some of the other essential items you will want to have on the list as you are preparing. These items aren’t mandatory but are going to make the trip a beautiful one as long as you include them.

What are these items?

You will want items such as music (CDs, SD Cards), portable tables, folding chairs, GPS, wet wipes, puzzle books, small bags for garbage, maps, bird identification books, duct tape, and disposable cameras (or cameras).

These items are great and should be on your list.


As long as you are preparing this road trip packing list and following it, you’re going to be fine, and the road trip is going to be a memorable one for all the right reasons. Don’t leave your house without looking through a list such as this because it is going to add a lot of value.

You always want to go through these tips and make sure they have been looked into as they will matter down the road.

A great road trip begins with a robust packing list and that is a must for anyone that is venturing down this path.


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