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Casper Mattresses are a major name in the sleep industry and one that has garnered a lot of attention over the years. They’ve built a solid reputation on quality mattresses, but they may not always be the right sleep solution for everyone. Casper mattresses is a foam mattress that is layered and built from four types of foam. Made by a privately held company, they have garnered a lot of attention as being an early pioneer of moving away from a traditional box spring mattress. While being ahead of the curve is often a good thing – does that really make them the best choice?

Even though many people consider a Casper brand mattress a very solid choice, there still may be times when you want to see what else is out there. Some people get a much better response from gel options, while side sleepers can feel a bit off on a traditional foam mattress and need something different to sleep comfortably.

In addition to this, budget can also be an issue. Some people aren’t going to be fully satisfied with what they get for what they pay for. Even with a friendly warranty, the hassle that goes from unpacking, trying it out, not being satisfied, then picking up shipping on the way back can really dull the luster on even the friendliest of return policies.

When a Casper mattress isn’t the best option for you, what are the best alternatives out there that will do a better job meeting your needs?

Our Top-Rated Casper Alternatives

For our money, there are four solid alternatives to look at, and one that stands out above even those, as well. Just because a Casper isn’t your best choice doesn’t mean that a fantastic night’s sleep is out of reach. Sleep technology continues to evolve and as more and more studies show just how important for health that sleep is, mattress companies will continue to improve on their designs.

Right now if you’re looking for a really top-notch alternative to going with Casper, there are four mattresses you should have a look at:

  1. Nectar Mattresses
  2. Avacado Mattresses
  3. Bear Mattresses
  4. Layla Mattresses

1. Nectar Sleep

a nectar sleep mattress in a neutral colored room

Nectar mattresses are very high-quality foam mattresses topped by a breathable cotton cooling cover. They have a strong reputation for being incredibly comfortable because of an outstanding design that combines the best of a foam mattress while adding breathable layers for a cooler sleep and a little bit of extra firmness for a level of support that many traditional foam mattresses fail to offer.

The Nectar mattress doesn’t mess with adjustable firmness settings or having a setup where a sleeper needs to choose from a firm, medium, or light level of support. Nectar makes it easy to know what you will be getting by offering a medium level of support which is very solid – especially for a foam mattress design.

A Nectar Mattress absorbs movement easily and there is a very low transfer of movement from one side to another, from one individual to another. At the same time, the design helps encourage a cool night’s sleep on top as well as using materials that is bed bug resistant.

This is one of the coolest foam mattresses out there and sleeps far cooler than other foam mattress designs which tend to veer towards the warm side of things.

Nectar Mattresses Benefits

  • Extremely soft foam mattress design
  • Full 1-year risk-free trial
  • A lifetime warranty
  • Solid firmness and support for a foam mattress

How Much Do Nectar Mattresses Cost?

This isn’t the easiest question to answer. While many of the top mattresses by Nectar have a full retail price tag of $900, often times there are coupons available that cut down that price by a hundred or even several hundred. This makes the Nectar mattress incredibly affordable, especially considering the truly top-notch quality that these mattresses are known for.

Bottom Line

If you love the idea of a soft comfortable mattress but you also want a little bit of back, hip, and neck support as well as a cooler sleep then you will like what Nectar brings to the table.

2. Avacado Green Mattresses

an avocado mattress sits on top of a bedframe in a nice apartment
Avacado Green Mattresses definitely stick out as a stunning example of what a mattress can be. Each one is hand-made, using all natural materials that create a latex-hybrid mattress that has won major points for being incredibly comfortable, exceptionally unique in design, and for providing a very comfortable sleep that thousands of customers have already begun raving about.

Available in a variety of sizes, these mattresses can be bought with or without an additional pillow top design. Using soft cotton and Dunlop latex, these are extremely comfortable mattresses that have a solid support core made from pocketed coils that are then covered in a solid inch of the Dunlop latex. The organic cotton covers on all Avocado Green mattresses means that there is a solid consistency from one size to another since the same materials are consistently used.

The “Euro Pillow Top” option is available and adds an additional two inches of full latex on the top of the mattress that has two main benefits: additional pressure relief and additional comfort.

This mattress gets particularly high marks for being comfortable, sturdy, and offers free shipping in the United States which is a pretty big deal when you are looking at what the prices of shipping mattresses can run to. If having a “green” mattress choice is important to you, this is going to be an outstanding option.

However, there are some potential cons, as well. This isn’t a perfect mattress. It is on the heavy side and that can make it a pain to move, in addition to the latex material meaning that this mattress, in particular, could mean additional noise and sound at just the time when you feel like falling asleep.

How Much Do Avocado Green Mattresses Cost?

The cost of a handmade Avacado mattress will depend on the size. The price can be as low as $959 for a twin mattress up to $1699 for the king-sized models. These are base costs as adding the pillow top is another $240 to $500, again dependent on the size of the actual mattress.

Bottom Line

Avocado Green Mattresses for those looking for a “green” option that is comfortable, affordable, and available in a variety of styles and sizes.

3. Bear Mattresses

a woman lays on her Bear Mattress

With a name like Bear Mattresses, you hope for the type of sleep that is more like a full-blown hibernation than a fitful rest – and for the most part that is exactly what this Casper Mattress alternative brings to the table. Of this list, the Bear Mattress comes in one of two forms: the standard Bear Mattress or else the Bear Hybrid mattress. The hybrid combines springs and foam and is an outstanding option, but the most popular choice is the “standard” Bear Mattress which is labeled as a “graphite-gel memory foam” style of mattress.

This means there is a lot of comfort and support, and the company even pushes itself as the perfect mattress for athletes because the materials and designs are put together with the idea of reducing pressure, reducing pain, and thus helping with any type of healing of injuries or aiding in a restful sleep that encourages fast recovery.

The design that Bear mattresses use is certainly unique. They are created from eco-friendly materials, and in a way that promotes a comfortable cool sleep that the far majority of people prefer in order to get a deep and restful sleep.

The major focus from this mattress comes with “Celliant” technology, which is patented. The company claims that this technology combines materials and design to help enhance the oxygen level in tissue. The idea is that this can help increase the benefits of sleep quality, which in turn helps with health and athletic performance.

This is a very good mattress if you tend to like a firmer sleep as this isn’t nearly as soft a mattress, and has far less give, than several of the other options on this list.

How Much Do Bear Mattresses Cost?

The mattresses cost anywhere from $540 at the smallest level of mattress up to $940 for the largest king sized mattress. This is very reasonable pricing for a high-quality mattress, although obviously, this is also quite a large price range from bottom to top.

The hybrid has fewer options but does come in three sizes and ranges from $1350 up to $1650.

These are standard retail prices without coupons.

Bottom Line

While there are many sleepers who might like this mattress, especially if they prefer a bit more support and don’t like the give of many traditional foam mattresses, this might be a bit hard for the taste of others. However, this is a solid build that many people will appreciate.

4. Layla Mattresses

a layla mattress with an all white background

Featuring a four-layered foam mattress, there’s a lot to like about what a Layla Mattress brings to the table. This is a very unique design for a mattress as one side is designed to be really firm and supportive while the other side is designed to be soft. This means the mattress can switch over from one type of sleep to another with just a simple flip of the top mattress on the bed.

This isn’t the only truly unique feature of the Layla Mattress design. Another major material used in the construction is the use of copper which allows for the more thorough cooling. This means a better night sleep for most individuals and really is a very interesting way to set up a mattress.

This unique design also features a lifetime warranty, giving some serious protection that consumers will appreciate in addition to the solid night’s sleep.

The Layla mattresses come with positives and negatives. While the design of the mattress is really interesting, this is an either/or type of setup. Whether it is a firm mattress or a soft one, a consumer can have one or the other. There are no side adjustments or middle ground – it’s a choice that has to be made. However, this design, in theory, makes it a great guest room mattress. In addition, many people label the Layla as one of their favorite memory foam based mattresses, making it a solid alternative to others that are competing on the market.

How Much Do Layla Mattresses Cost?

This is one of the more affordable models for individuals on a budget, at least at the lower end. A twin sized Layla mattress starts as low as $499 and goes all the way up to $999 for a California king-sized mattress. That still means that even the largest option can come in at under a grand, which makes it an excellent option for cash-strapped individuals who need to stick to a budget.

These mattresses can be a bit on the heavy side, and for someone who likes a middle comfort range, this is not going to be a great fit, but for the majority of people they will like at least one side or the other.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to finding an outstanding alternative option to Casper Mattresses. While Nectar, Avocado, Bear, and Layla mattresses all bring a lot to the table and offer plenty of great alternatives to a Casper, there is one that sits above the others. All of these are good solid choices, but despite all of the positive options that are available, there is one Casper Mattress alternative that stands above and beyond the rest: Nectar Mattresses.

Providing a rare combination of support, comfort, and a top-notch sleep at a budget-friendly price, there’s a lot to love about what Nectar brings to the table. These are comfortable, give plenty of support along with a solid molding, and keep the sleeper cool. Finding that blend and a top-notch design is very hard to do and Nectar just does it a little bit better than everyone else, all without completely busting your budget.

While any of these could be a great choice, if you want the best Casper mattress alternative currently on the market my first choice would be Nectar, but ultimately it will be up to you to decide which one is best for you.