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Diet to Go Reviews, Cost + Before & Afters

One of the biggest challenges a person can have while losing weight is meal preparation.

The idea of putting together healthy, diet-oriented meals is easier said than done and most people fail at this step.

As a result, they start to feel down about the entire process and give up!

Diet to Go presents itself as one of the leading meal delivery services for weight loss.

This review is going to see how the diet works, whether it’s a good direction to go in, and what it will bring to a person’s life.

How Does Diet to Go Work?

Grilled chicken and potatoes

Built by some of the leading dieticians in the world, Diet to Go is not a “run-of-the-mill” solution and does a lot of things others aren’t able to execute.

Before taking a look at some of the nitty-gritty details of the process, it’s best to start with a more overarching peek at what they have to offer.

  • Meal-Based Diet Delivery Program
  • Dietician-Designed Plans
  • Chef-Curated Meals
  • Personalized Plans
  • Ongoing Support From Dieticians and Community
  • No Preparatory Work Needed
  • Flexible Delivery
  • Multiple Menus (Balance, Balance-Diabetes, Keto-Carb30, and Vegetarian)

The beauty of this service is being able to trust what is going to be sent and how it will taste.

This is essential because a meal delivery service is more than a couple of meals while hoping for the best.

It’s a proper investment into one’s health and has to be done the right way.

Diet to Go aims to be a solution that can offer world-class assistance and make sure the final solution is on par with what a weight loss journey needs.

Pros & Cons

There’s a lot to love about the Diet to Go program, but as with anything, there are some potential cons to consider as well.

With than in mind, let’s take a quick look at both the good and bad, to see if Diet to Go is right for you.


  • Real results require real commitment
  • Diet food isn’t for everyone
  • A bit more expensive than other meal delivery diets


  • Healthy weight loss made easy
  • Some of the best tasting diet food we’ve tried
  • Variety of plan options: Diabetes, Keto, Vegetarian
  • Safe and Healthy Weight Loss
  • Support you need to reach your goals
  • Cuts way down on grocery shopping
  • No counting points, or doing weigh-ins
  • Very little meal prep
  • Plans most people can afford

Before & After Pictures and Testimonials

Dianne's before and after pictures

Want to see how well Diet to Go really works?

There are a ton of great before and after pictures online and on their website, so be sure to check them out.

Here are just a few we wanted to share here:

Sandra shows off her 39 pound weight loss

Suzy lost more than 100 pounds

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Diet to Go Cost: How Much per Month?

Diet to Go pricing and plan options

Diet to Go starts at just $8.57 per meal, depending which plan and options you pick. Their prices can go up or down, depending on how many meals per week you commit to, and which plan you choose. The more meals you order each week, the less you’ll pay per meal.

You’ll want to use their Plan Builder to put together the best plan for you diet needs and budget.

Diet to Go has a straightforward price plan and an individual is able to set up a payment solution around this idea.

It’s best to take a look at the varying options and focus on the one that is going to work best for your needs as a customer.

Remember, this is a good investment to make if you’re serious about your health, and is one that has to be done with care.

  • Average Cost Per Meal: $6.80
  • Average Cost Per Day: $20.40
  • Shipping Cost/Week: $19.98
  • Full Price (Weekly): $142.99
  • No Cancellation Fees

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Look at the official website based on the current rates to get a good feel for what it will cost and how it is going to work as a service.

This can help alleviate questions and make sure the process is an easy one to manage and doesn’t start to break down as soon as things get underway.

In general, Diet to Go is right up there with other services and does a good job of providing an efficient, customizable solution that is affordable.

In terms of cost, it is respectable and there is no cancellation fee tacked on if things don’t work out.


one of their more popular lunches on a plate

  • Balance
  • Balance-Diabetes
  • Keto-Carb30
  • Vegetarian

There are four plans to choose from and each one is going to be catered to what the client needs for their weight loss journey.

The beauty of being able to pick from one of these plans is the idea of getting a solid, personalized plan that will work out as long as it is followed.

This is a lot better than getting a cookie-cutter plan where things may or may not work depending on the food on hand.

Diet to Go has made sure to include an assortment of meals and will not offer continuous repeats during the week.

This is ideal when it comes to finding a good fit and knowing things will be as assorted as necessary moving forward. It can easily get boring if the same meals are repeated and end up getting old after a while.

Having this in mind is a good way to feel confident in what Diet to Go is all about.

Initially, they were offering 3 meal plans but this has changed as time has gone on and they have added a new one into the mix.

This provides customers with an extra option to further customize their approach to dieting.

Diet to Go Menu

a full meal ready to serve on the table

One of the main questions a person is going to have will do with the menu and what it will look like.

It’s important to look past the simple plans as that is one part of the equation.

It’s also important to have a good amount of choices to work with along the way.

This is the only way a person is going to feel good about what is going into their stomach and how it will help out in the long-term during this weight loss adventure.

Sample Menu

Monday: Western Omelet, Andouille Sausage, Cumin Salmon
Tuesday: Vegetable Quiche, Boston Cod, Chicken Parmesan
Wednesday: Pork Chop, Baked Turkey Cutlet, Turkey Steak

As you can see, there is a lot of quality in the list and it is not going to be a meandering menu.

Diet to Go is passionate about offering chef-curated meals that are unique, fun, and will be a delight to eat during the various parts of the day.

Each menu has been designed to look like this and is going to fit the nutritional profile one is aiming for at the same time.

It is the right balance for those who want to get the right start to their weight loss journey.

How Does The Food Taste?

Their diet app on an iPhone

The taste is everything and is going to be the first thing on a person’s mind. There is never a good reason to pick up a meal and hate how it tastes.

This is not a good idea for many reasons and one of them is longevity as you will not be able to maintain it in the long-run.

In fact, this is one of the main issues with modern diets and people hate the idea of eating foods that are impossible to digest and just don’t have the right feel to them!

Diet to Go has been around for a long time and that means they have a good idea of what people are after.

This means the quality of the food is second to none and is going to work out well.

Since the meals have been prepared by a professional chef and do work out, they will taste amazing.

This is one of those well-rounded setups that is not going to waste a person’s time and will end up tasting better than expected.

The ingredients used to create the meals are amazing and have been well picked. This means the quality is not going to drop even as the meal is shipped from one area to another.

This is a real challenge for similar businesses as the wrong type of meal will go stale or taste awful after having spent time in a transportation vehicle.

With Diet to Go, this is not an issue as everything is managed carefully.

The taste is truly special and is going to bring a smile to one’s face because it will make eating meals easier than ever before.

Does it Work – How Much Weight Can You Lose?

The diet to go logo

While taste is going to have a role to play, it is all being done for one reason and that’s to lose weight.

So, does it do a good job of helping people lose weight or is it similar to spinning your wheels without reason?

This is a great question to ask and one of the main ones a person is going to have with any service in this industry.

With Diet to Go, the answer is seen right away because they don’t even include a cancellation fee as that is the quality of the product they’re offering. It is going to taste good and work out well for your weight loss needs.

Everything is personalized and that is the reason it is so easy to use.

It is not going to create unnecessary issues with how long it takes to ship or how long it takes to work out. This is the charm of a good option.

Review Summary

In the end, it is always going to come down to one thing and that is quality. Diet to Go has been around since 1995 and the quality is why they have managed to stay on as a world-class service provider.

The food is great, their team is even better, and the results do come as long as you follow the plan.

This is why thousands of people are now taking a look at this seamless weight loss option and using it to their advantage.

Anyone that is serious about shedding weight will have to look into this world-class setup.

The seamlessness of the plans is why people have started to take a look at Diet to Go.

If the goal is to lose weight at an affordable price point, it is going to happen with the help of Diet to Go!

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Diet to Go is a premiere meal delivery weight loss option, and one of the best values money can buy. It’s currently ranked in our top 5 diets of the year. Potential downsides include a smaller menu than other meal delivery diets, and a higher price tag.