DadQuarters review of the Kurbo weight loss app by WW

Kurbo by WW Reviews + Cost: Is it Worth it? 

A weight loss app for kids?

While the subject may be a bit sensitive for some, there are plenty of parents out there who worry about their child’s weight, and hope there is a solution for helping get their kid’s health on track.

Meet Kurbo by WW, a new weight loss / health app for kids.

It’s the first diet solution we’ve reviewed, that is made just for kids. It’s designed to help them get to a healthier weight, by teaching them how to build healthy habits for life.

In this Kurbo review, we’ll tell you exactly what it is, how it works, the results your kid(s) may achieve, how much it costs, and where you can lock in the best deal.

If you’ve been looking for a healthy diet solution for your kid(s) or teen(s), then Kurbo may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

What is Kurbo by WW?

the kurbo logo

Kurbo by WW is a new diet app for kids. It’s designed to help them reach a healthy weight, by teaching them healthy eating, diet, and exercise habits they can use for life.

It was by top experts in the weight loss and behavioral change fields, including Dr. Top Robinson, a Professor of Medicine at Stanford University.

Other experts, include Dr. Elissa Jelalian, professor of Psychiatry, Human Behavior and Pediatrics at Brown University, and WW Chief Science Officer, Dr. Gary Foster.

The team based the app on extensive research, and weight loss and behavioral techniques that have been proven to work through science.

That means, parents can be confident that Kurbo was made with their child’s best interest in mind.

How it Works

Much like Weight Watchers, Kurbo works through a combination of points, coaching, and building healthy habits you can use for life.

Here’s the gist of how Kurbo works…

Follow the Traffic Lights

the eating traffic lights

The traffic lights tell you what foods you can eat in unlimited quantities, those you can eat in more limited in portions, and the foods you’ll mostly want to avoid.


Green light foods are those that you can eat any time. These include all vegetables and fruits.


Yellow light foods are made up of pastas and lean proteins. While these are usually good food choices, you’ll want to control your portion size here.


Red light foods are those that you’ll mostly want to avoid. These include things like soda, candy, and burgers. You don’t have to give them up altogether, but you won’t eat them very often.

5 Steps for Your Child’s Success

When you enroll your child in Kurbo, you’ll follow a few simple steps to get started. These include:

1. Take the Kurbo Questionnaire

This takes as little as 5 minutes, and will help Kurbo get you paired up with a WW coach who is a perfect for your child.

2. Meet Your Coach

Once you’ve been assigned your Kurbo coach, you can schedule a quick video chat to get to know each other.

This takes place in the Kurbo app, and during the session you’ll work together to set your weight loss and health goals, as well as learn the steps you need to get started.

3. Track Habits and Eating with Kurbo App

Now you’re ready to start using the app, and the Traffic Light food system we detailed above. Follow the plan, and your child will be on their way to building healthy habits that they can use for life.

4. Weekly Coaching Sessions

Each week you’ll book a quick 15-minute video chat session with your Kurbo coach. This helps keep you on track, get tips and advice, and is a great way to keep your kid motivated.

They can also help identify small changes that you can make each week to get even better results.

5. Your Kid Should Love the Way they Feel

Once you child starts to see progress, and actually sees and feels the benefits of healthy eating and habits, they’ll be motivated to stick with it.

How they Pick the Perfect Kurbo Coach

a coaching session on the iPhone

Your child will be paired with the perfect Kurbo Coach that fits their personality, hobbies, and needs.

Their coach is there for them every step of the way, and their goal is to see them succeed.

Their coach should share similar interests – whether it be sports or hobbies – and will help keep them motivated, all the way through the program.

Real Kurbo Testimonials (Good + Bad) + Before & After Pics

Wondering what real kids and teens are saying about their Kurbo experience? The are plenty of impressive stories to read at the Kurbo website, so be sure to check them all out there.

Here, we’ll highlight a few stories that we found inspirational, and we’ll also share a couple of “negative” reviews of the program.

Keep in mind, the negative reviews that we have found are from people who don’t appear to have actually tried the program, but are more shocked at the fact that there’s a weight loss app for kids. There are also a few health experts who have weighed-in, and think an app like Kurbo is a bad idea.

Positive Reviews

Let’s start with the good…

Manny, a 15-year-old, lost 46 pounds:

Mannys before and after weight loss pictures

I’m now the healthiest person in the house! My mom was surprised at how much food in the house was red lights. Coach Ann Marie helped me with eating properly and showed me new exercises

Juliana, another 15-year-old, lost 40 pounds:

Juliannas testimonial

I love my Kurbo Coach! The second I started talking to her she was even more excited about my journey than I was. She tells me that I inspire her, which is such a nice thing to hear from someone you look up to. She also sends me relevant food articles during the week. Kurbo matched me up with the perfect person.

Robby, a 10-year-old, shed 42 pounds:

Robby's story

My mom and I have gotten closer through eating healthier. The surprising thing about Kurbo was realizing that eating red foods won’t fill you up as much as if you have a green or yellow food. I used to get really angry when I was hungry and sometimes have an attitude. Now, it’s way better.


While Kurbo hasn’t been around long enough yet for the complaints to be about how well the app works, there are plenty of people out there who want to complain – in fact, there was even a petition started to get the app taken down.

Here’s what a few of the complainers, and health experts had to say:

Anny Lutz, M.P.H., R.D., a pediatric dietitian, told the New York Times that the app could send the wrong message to kids:

When a child is asked to use an app like this, they get the message that their body is flawed and they need to use external rules to restrict and change their body in order to be accepted. This pressure can be spoken or unspoken and have the same impact.

Anna Sweeney, MS, CEDRD-S, tweeted the following:

Anna Sweeneys tweet complaining

So who’s right?

Well, child obesity seems to be a real problem around the world these days, so it seems like Kurbo could be a viable solution.

The team at Kurbo also has their own team of health experts and doctors, who obviously see a benefit, so ultimately you’ll have to decide what you think is best for your kid…

Pros & Cons


  • Backed by Science
  • A Research-Based Weight Loss Solution for Your Kid(s)
  • Work One-on-One with a Health Coach
  • Easy to Follow
  • No Counting Calories
  • Free Trial Available
  • Affordable Monthly Fee


  • Some health experts don’t agree with the idea
  • Controversial
  • Have to pay for it

Kurbo Cost: How Much per Month?

Kurbo starts at $17.25 per week, when you enroll in the month-by-month program. The weekly price is cheaper, however, when you commit to more months at a time:

  • Month-by-Month: $69 per Month / $17.25 per Week
  • 3 Month Subscription: $63 per Month / $15.75 per Week
  • 6 Month Subscription: $49 per Month / $12.25 per Week

In some cases, your employer or health insurance provider may pay for Kurbo.

Review Summary: Does it Work?

If you’ve been worried about your child’s weight, and wished there was a way to help them get their health on track, Kurbo may finally offer a solution.

While there does seem to some controversy surrounding a weight loss app for kids, WW has their own scientific evidence suggestion that it actually works.

So what does this mean?

You’re most likely going to know what is best for you and your kid(s), so ultimately the choice of whether or not you want to use Kurbo by WW for you child, will be totally up to you!


Kurbo by WW
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Kurbo by WW is a new health app for kids and teens. There’s some controversy surrounding it, but it uses research-based techniques to help get your child’s weight under control.