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Noom Reviews, Cost, Pros & Cons

Noom is a highly-rated weight loss app that has become super popular millennials and older adults alike. It’s tech-friendly, unique, and personalized to help you lose weight in a way that’s safe, healthy, and even fun.

To help you reach your diet and health goals, users are asked to quickly fill out a questionnaire asking for specific information such as weight loss roadblock you’ve encountered, your goal weight, your current weight, and any health issues you may have (like diabetes, for example).

Once the goals are established, you’ll get started on a quick journey towards reaching your weight loss goals.

Noom is designed to help with this and is going to have a built-in algorithm to help manage your requirements.

Does Noom Work for Weight Loss?


Here are just a few of the reasons why…

1. Get Your Day Started Right

Each day is going to begin with a similar questionnaire and it’s going to help push forward with a set of steps that need to be completed within the 24-hour cycle.

You will also be able to track relevant information (food, physical activity) in the weight loss app throughout the day.

This helps keep thing as organized as users want them to be.

2. Fully Customized Weight Loss Program Made Just for You

how the program looks when displayed on an iPhone

In general, Noom comes with different weight loss programs including Healthy Weight and Diabetes Prevention. Each diet program is catered to those specific requirements/goals and will be used as a way to launch forward with a new set of weight loss steps.

This includes specific eating patterns, physical activities and other important steps on a day-to-day basis.

For example, the Healthy Weight program is aimed at maximizing good dietary habits, sleep management, and stress management.

On the other hand, Diabetes Prevention is built on maximizing one’s ability to stay fit and avoid diabetes while losing weight.

3. Three Stages for Weight Loss Success

  1. Foundations
  2. Practice Your Skills
  3. Master Your Habits

However, Noom is also designed to focus on behavioral nuances involving dieting and weight loss.

The app is able to shed light on what a person needs to consume, how it’ll impact them and what habits should be maintained over the long-term.

Why We Recommend The Noom Diet App

  • Safe and Effective Weight Loss
  • Easy to Follow
  • Easily Track Everything with the Noom App
  • Connect with Health Coaches to Reach Your Diet and Health Goals
  • Finally Learn How to Keep the Weight off for Good
  • Very Affordable!

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Pros & Cons

Noom is able to help shed fat by offering an organized set of steps in an easy to follow manner. It is built using high-end knowledge of fitness, nutrition, and the psychological aspects of weight loss.

When all of this information is combined into a useful app, the journey becomes that much easier for users.

Anything that can streamline your processes is going to help shed fat as long as the intention to stay committed is there. This is where Noom is able to make a mark and help push people in the right direction.


1. Fully Customized

a screen detailing the fully customized weight loss goals

It starts with a tremendous amount of personalization.

Noom is designed to be exceptionally personalized in order to offer a unique experience to each user. While some are going to want to shed a few pounds others may like the idea of progressing towards a much larger goal.

This is why it’s best to make use of Noom because it comes with high-quality questionnaires to help shed light on what’s going on and what’s needed.

This isn’t seen in modern weight loss apps and that is where Noom does differentiate itself from the competition.

2. Unlimited Access to a Health Coach

With Noom, you can connect with a health professional 24/7, right from your app. They’re there to answers questions, give tips, and provide support and feedback as you move closer to your weight loss goals!

3. Easy to Use and Follow

Accessibility is always important with regards to weight loss programs.

Noom users can feel confident in being able to whip out their phone, scroll through the app and gain insight on what’s required for the day. The simplicity of how Noom is designed to work is impossible to ignore and is one of its bigger plusses.

Users feel in control when their weight loss program is sitting in their pocket at all times of the day.

Whenever you need new information concerning your weight loss goals, take out the phone and start going through the app. It’s incredibly easy and a major plus point for Noom users.

4. Community of Support

the support menu from the app

The community includes millions of users and that is a substantial network to tap into.

This isn’t like any other weight loss community where you’re able to sign up for a message board, post questions, and hope someone gets back to you.

In fact, Noom is different because you’re able to initiate group chats while chipping away at your weight loss goals.

This is a tremendous boost for those who find it hard to keep going.

5. Consistent Progress You Can See

The progress using these customized weight loss programs is second to none.

You are going to get such an in-depth, personalized solution that will ensure you do keep progressing as time goes on.

This is why the questionnaires are helpful and offer a great amount of insight.

Noom is able to break things down as you continue to progress, which is a real game-changer over the long-run.

6. App is Android and Apple Friendly

Whether you have the latest iPhone or an Android device, you will be in good hands with Noom.

It’s mobile-friendly, easy to use, and is going to work in all situations.

This is something that may be taken for granted but can become a major issue with apps. However, Noom has been designed well and it works like a charm as soon as it is opened.


1. Requires Effort & Commitment to Reach Your Goals

Just like any other weight loss program, this is not a miracle pill. Noom is all about setting the right strategies, following them, and slowly digging into your weight loss goals on a day-to-day basis.

There is a lot of effort required to lose weight and that’s something you will need to account for. Don’t assume this will make you thin in two days! It will take time and the gradual progress will be well worth it!

2. Written for Traditional Work Hours

This isn’t a major issue but you will notice certain words/phrases that are catered to a specific group of professionals.

In general, Noom assumes you are a “9-to-5” professional and tends to build itself around that way of living.

However, this isn’t going to ruin the program for you and most of the information is still going to be useful for everyone.

Some have said they prefer programs like WW, but overall, most customers are very happy with their Noom experience.

Before & After Pictures from Real Customers

a real noom before and after picture

a woman shares her success story

real app user testimonial

Before and After Pics via Noom

Noom is one of the most critically acclaimed apps in the world for weight loss purposes. Users believe it is easy to use, fun, and offers a tremendous amount of depth that’s impossible to find anywhere else.

People also rate its quality control when it comes to pointing towards healthier foods that fit within a person’s nutritional requirements.

It’s not just about losing weight but also staying healthy over the long-term when it comes to Noom.

We encourage you to check out all of the positive Noom reviews posted online, but Rebecca’s was definitely worth sharing here:

I think Noom is fabulous! I’ve been on so many other diets throughout the years, including Weight Watchers. Noom is the first one to help me not just focus on the weight loss, but also to focus on the wonderful positive changes and results from eating healthy and exercising. I love the daily articles and assignments and I have a great coach and group. The tracking in the log is super easy as well. I’ve been on this for 7 weeks now and am looking forward to seeing the results after I’ve been using it for the full 4 months. -Rebecca, Verified Noom Member

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Noom Cost: How Much is it Every Month?

access a huge database of healthy recipes any time from your app which also shows their full pricing details

How much does Noom cost? Noom starts at $59 per month for their full plan. The monthly price can be lower, however, if you’re willing to buy multiple months at a time. They currently offer 2 month, 4 month, 6 month, 8 month, and annual plans.

Noom is broken down into specific costs as listed below:

  • Monthly Plan: $59
  • 2 Months: $99
  • 4 Months: $129
  • 6 Months: $149
  • 8 Months: $159
  • Annual Plan: $199
  • FREE 14-Day Trial Currently Available

Please note, prices can vary depending on the latest Noom discounts being offered, and all costs can be set as “auto-recurring” if you plan on keeping up with Noom over the long-term. However, these plans can be canceled at any point based on your requirements.


While there are plenty of alternatives out there, Noom is a well-designed weight loss app that is accessible, personalized and offers a great level of detail. Anyone hoping to lose weight should consider this as an ultramodern way of shedding fat.

Whether it’s the weekly weight loss charts, unique questionnaires or well-built tips, everything about Noom is exemplary.

The team behind Noom has done a great job with the app and it does stand out for all the right reasons. If you’re willing to pay for the program(s), you are going to get something that is truly in line with your requirements.

Noom is easily one of the better weight loss apps in the world right now!

On top of that, right now is a great time to join!

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How to Cancel Noom Subscription or Free Trial

a screen in the Noom app for canceling your subscription

If you need to cancel your Noom trial or active subscription, it’s actually super easy. It just requires a few simple to follow steps:

  1. Message Your Goal Specialist: To talk to them, simply tap the blue chat bubble in the top right corner of the Noom app.
  2. Tap Their Name: Once you’ve tapped your Goal Specialist’s name, you can message them to let them know you’d like to cancel your trial or subscription.
  3. They’ll Send You a Cancellation Link: Once you’ve reached out to your Goal Specialist, they should send a link that will help process your cancellation once you’ve clicked on it. Just follow the instructions to move forward with your cancellation.
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Noom is an effective and affordable weight loss diet. It’s unique combination of technology and personalized coaching, makes it a must-try diet this year.