7 Best Ways To Lose Weight Fast This Fall

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Losing weight is a dream for many people but why is it out of reach? Why are so many people unable to shed fat and get to their desired body type? It’s important to understand what works and what simply doesn’t.

Here are some of the things to look at while aiming to lose weight.

1. Try Low Carb

low carb meal

You will want to start by looking at how many carbs are consumed during the day. Carbs are the easiest nutrient to work on because of how much people eat on a daily basis.

Whether it is junk food or something else, you will be raking in those carbs without a care for the world. This is when weight loss becomes impossible to manage because you eat too many carbs!

The goal should be to cut down on your carbs and become responsible with what is going into your digestive system. If you are eating all of these carbs, you will have extra energy, but you are also going to pack on weight.

If the goal is to lose weight as soon as possible, you will know this is the first nutrient to look into.

Of course, the goal is to “reduce” and not to eliminate carbs. They do have a purpose and are a major energy source for you as long as the right approach is taken.

You should be getting these carbs from healthier sources that are good for the body. If not, you will simply end up eating calories that are bad for you.

There are plenty of great low-carb diet options out there, including the South Beach Diet (read our review here) just to name one. If you think you could use a plan to follow give SBD a try, or there are options like Atkins or keto (read more about it) that can work well too.

2. Drink More Water

drinking water can help with fall weight loss

You should increase how much water is consumed during the day. A lot of people aim for 8-10 glasses a day and that is a neat figure to focus on.

Whatever makes you drink water should be implemented as it is the most important drink to have along for this weight loss journey.

You are going to find it hard to lose weight without the help of water.

Water is good for a number of reasons including improving your metabolic rate.

You will also notice how easy it is to cut out soft drinks when you drink a good amount of water. It also helps flush out bad toxins.

3. Cut The Junk Food Immediately

ditch junk food if you want to lose weight

Junk food is the worst part of a person’s diet. A lot of people munch on chips and ice cream thinking this is good.

You have to cut these as much as possible. In some cases, you can cut them out immediately as they lack nutrients and are nothing more than “empty calories” people eat to fill themselves.

Be smart and make sure to cut as much out as you can.

For those who find this a hard step to take, it is best to at least reduce how much is consumed. The more you cut, the better your results are going to be!

4. Get More Exercise

It is nice to have a good diet but if you want to ramp things up, it is time to get moving. This is the best way to not only lose weight but tone your body the way you want.

A good diet is just the foundation for a good weight loss journey.

a fitness class is one fun way to get more exercise

The real results are going to come when you are willing to go out and play a game of basketball or put in the time at a local gym.

Get active as soon as you can!

5. Increase Fiber

Are you eating enough fiber during the day? Fiber is good for you as it can help increase your metabolic rate and make sure the body is processing nutrients as fast as it needs to. This is how you are going to lose weight quickly.

When your body is not getting enough fiber, it is going to start to slow down.

This happens to most people as they refuse to get enough fiber or forget it’s important. Once you increase your fiber intake, the weight will start to slip away as soon as you want it to.

6. Smaller Portions

smaller portions can help drop the pounds

How large are your portions during the day? Are you eating too much because you simply can’t control how much is consumed in one sitting?

A lot of people eat far too much and go above what they need to eat.

By reducing your portions, it becomes a lot easier to manage what is going into your body. You never want to go for “seconds” as those can become a major detriment to your weight loss journey. Focus on what you need to do and stick to the weight loss plan.

Once you reduce the portions, you will be well on your way this fall.

7) Track What You’re Eating and Drinking

A lot of people guess their way through the process and this is why they struggle. Sure, you will shed a bit of weight by making small improvements but tracking your intake is essential.

This is the only way to know you aren’t spinning your wheels.

keeping a food journal is a great way to track what you're eating and drinking everyday

When you start to focus on the calories going in and going out, you will be able to optimize your diet. This should also include your workouts if those are included during the week.

Remember, you are shedding calories when you work out whether it is 100 calories or 300 calories.

Each figure is important in understanding how much you eat and how much you use during a single day. Once you have this information, the process becomes a lot easier for those who want to do things the right way.

You will be able to see progress immediately and that is a must in the long-term.

Final Thoughts

Losing weight isn’t easy but it can become simpler when you are recording these details.

These seven ways are going to make life easier and will ensure you are able to lose weight as soon as you want.

The upcoming months are going to be a battle but that’s the beauty of weight loss. When done right, it is going to challenge you while offering tremendous rewards for those who persevere.

See our list of the best diets for losing weight at DadQuarters.com.


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