Fiverr Gigs Anyone Can Do in 2018 – Quick Ways to Start Making Money

fiverr gigs for anyone

If you would like to make a bit of extra money on the side, then a great place to do that online is at a website called Fiverr. It is a very popular online marketplace where people can buy and sell services.

These services are referred to as “gigs” and the basic price paid for a gig is $5 – which is where the name Fiverr comes from. Many business owners, online entrepreneurs and also non-business folks are looking for people to do small jobs for them.

So you can easily make $5 per gig or more by just offering basic services on Fiverr. The following are some of the best Fiverr gigs that just about anyone can do.

1. Come up with Company Names and Slogans

Many startup companies and new businesses pay service providers on Fiverr to come up with a good brandable name to use for their new business. All you need is a little creativity and imagination to start earning money with this service.

2. Become a Sign Holder

You can actually make money on Fiverr just by holding up a sign. This type of gig is very popular on Fiverr. The customer will want you to hold up a sign that has a certain message on it. It could be information on a brand or company like the website or physical address and logo.

3. Become a Virtual Assistant

Many business owners, website owners, bloggers, and other people need someone to help them with certain administrative tasks. It could include things like data entry, scheduling posts on Facebook and other social media sites, email management, research, and other similar tasks. There is always a high demand for virtual assistants on Fiverr.

4. Blog Commenter

If you like to read blog posts, then you can earn money by just leaving comments on other people’s blog posts. Many website owners and business owners are looking for people to leave comments on both their blog posts as well as other blogs with a link pointed back to their website. Blog commenting is a very easy and quick job.

5. Make Video Testimonials

Many business owners are looking for people to make video testimonials about the products or services that they provide. The client will usually provide you with guidance on what you should say in your video. You just need to have a way of recording your video. If your smartphone has a good camera on it, then usually you can use that. To improve your video’s quality try to sit next to a natural source of light. Making video testimonials can be a very easy and quick way to make some extra cash. There are always businesses looking for testimonials for their products and services.

6. Become a Human Billboard

There are actually people out there who will pay you put a message on your body or face and then take a picture. They will then use it for their promotions. It might involve drawing the company’s logo, company name, website or slogan on your face or body. As long as you are comfortable with the request, it can be an easy way to earn some money.

7. Test Websites

You don’t necessarily need to have a lot of technical skills to be a website tester. Many startup companies, new blogs and websites, or even well-established sites, want to know whether their sites are user-friendly or not. So many site owners are willing to pay you to just check out their blog or website and tell them about your experience. You can report on things like whether or not your thought the site design was appealing, how easy the site was to navigate and things of that nature.

8. Do Voice Overs

If you have a pleasant voice, you can do voice overs and get paid for it. You can just use the free built-in microphone on your computer and free software to get started. Buyers are often looking for individuals to do voice-overs for commercials, podcasts, audio books, YouTube videos and more. For this type of gig, the client will usually give you a script. You will the just record the script using recording software and a microphone. So you really don’t need any special skills to get started earning money with this gig other than a pleasant voice and the ability to read a script.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. The above 8 gigs are some of the easiest ways to start making money on Fiverr. They don’t require any special skills, so you should be able to get started with most of them right away. Pick a few to get started with, and either add more gigs or choose to focus on one or more of them to start earning a nice side income from Fiverr.

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