Good Morning Snore Solution Review & Cost [2018] Does it Really Work?

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For most of us, we know how bad snoring can be. Whether you’re the person doing the snoring, or you happen to be the innocent victim forced to sleep next to someone sawing logs all night, it can be a devasting condition when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep.

Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to prevent or even stop snoring altogether. The Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS) is one device that can help you stop snoring.

Below, we’ll detail exactly what the Good Morning Snore Solution is, how much it costs, and the reasons that it has been proven to work so well.

Good Morning Snore Solution: Everything You Need to Know

good morning snore solution

How Much Does it Cost?

PRICE: Starting at $104.94 (Get Two for $159.94 – Activate Discount Here)

Before we dive into the full details of this product, here are a few of the factors that help it stand out:

  • Safe & Easy to Use
  • Scientifically Proven to Work
  • Get a Good Night’s Sleep
  • Vigorously Tested & Cleared
  • Universal Fit
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

How it Works

The Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece works by helping to stabilize your tongue. Why do you need tongue stabilization? A blocked airway is things that causes snoring, so by gently helping to move your tongue forward, their mouthpiece helps create a clear path for breathing.

It may look funny the first time you see it, but it was designed by leading researchers and it has years of clinical testing to support its effectiveness.

Here’s a quick video showing their mouthpiece in action: 

Backed by Science

There are some anti-snoring solutions out there that claim to help, but really have little or no scientific evidence supporting their claims. The Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece was part of a randomized, controlled crossover study that was published in the May 2008 edition of the Journal of Sleep and Breathing. The results of the study demonstrated that their device “significantly decreases snoring.”

They have more evidence supporting their product the official Good Morning Snore Solution website, for those who are interested.

Made with Your Health & Safety in Mind

GMSS is actually a registered medical device. This means that it has been cleared by the FDA, and even Health Canada, the EU CE, and the Australian Register of Therapeutic Products. On top of that, they make their mouthpieces in accordance with ISO certified medical device manufacturing practices, so you can be confident that it meets the highest standards of both quality AND compliance.

Postive Mission

MPowerx, the makers for the GMSS, have one pretty simple mission that they live by: “Wellness Through Science.” They ensure that they are meeting this core principle by making sure to follow these basic steps with everything they do:

  • People First: Solving human problems for better living.
  • Informed Intelligence: Science always leads the way.
  • Perfect Simplicity: Only what’s effective, nothing more.
  • Health Above All: Enriching lives for the very best reasons.

MPowerx is led by Dr. Nancy Markley, a scientist with a PhD in molecular biology. She has a long and successful track record of developing medical technologies and bringing them to the marketplace.

In addition to Dr. Markley, the team also includes highly respected dentist, Dr. Leslie Dort, who is the original inventor of the Good Morning Snore Solution. She has spent more than a decade focusing on the diagnosis of sleep disorders, and how mouthpieces can help with issues like sleep-disordered breathing.

Positive Reviews

The GMSS has received many positive reviews – both written and video testimonials as well. They have more than 1300 reviews posted on their website, and while it didn’t work for everyone, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Here are just a couple that stood out: 

This brilliant little device solved 4 problems for me. I can’t snore, I can’t grind my teeth, my tongue can’t fall back and block breathing and my mouth doesn’t fall open and wake me up. I’ve used this for a month now, it was easy and comfortable right away. My mouth does not dry out at night either so that’s 5 things! I love this device.

Providing a free replacement for an over sized snoring device went above and beyond. We are customers for life. You saved our marriage! 🙂

The good morning snore solution works well! It took a couple of weeks to get used to. Overall much more comfortable than mouth pieces, which I could not tolerate. My husband says I am a silent sleeper now. I’m happy I purchased this.

It sometimes helps to hear from actual users of the device as well, so here’s one video testimonial that we found helpful:

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been looking for a safe and effective solution to your snoring problems, then the Good Morning Snore Solution may be your answer. It has been proven to work to help eliminate snoring for many people, and on top of that, it’s an affordable device that can get to work as soon as you start using it.

Their mouthpiece usually costs $129.95, but right now you can get one for just $104.94 or you can get two of them for just $159.94. Follow the link below to head to the official Good Morning Snore website, and to lock in your savings:

>>CLICK HERE to Activate Good Morning Snore Discount!


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The Good Morning Snore Solution is a safe, affordable, and effective option to help you stop snoring.


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