High Demand Gigs on Fiverr in 2018 – What Sells?

gigs that make the most money on fiverr

Fiverr is a tremendous platform with thousands upon thousands of new clients every day.

There are people who are looking for quality professionals at an affordable price, which is what you are going to bring into their lives. You will be able to offer a high demand gig and make sure it appeals to their needs.

Let’s take a look at the leading Fiverr gigs according to experts using the marketplace on a day-to-day basis. This research is useful for those who want to set up a gig based on the demand that is out there.

Our Top-6 Fivver Gigs for Fast Money

1) Graphic Design

This can range based on what a client is looking for and you should be setting up a suite of services.

The goal is to look to leverage your graphic designing skills and put them in front of people who are going to be interested. You can sell services such as banner ads, book covers, logos, symbols, and more.

The options are out there and that is what makes it fun to utilize. You are going to take the graphic designing and make the most of it in the long-term. It is one of those gigs that will only get stronger with time. The clients are almost never-ending!

2) Article Writing

Writing isn’t easy and is a major skill you can use to earn money via a gig.

Fiverr is great because it is going to give the client a chance to find a good writer and send in a batch of articles to be written. You want to be the one who is receiving the batch as that is going to be a difference maker.

Make sure you are going with proper article writing as that is how quality will come to the forefront and you will make the most of the demand out there.

3) Social Media Ads

Social media has become a great marketing tool for business owners but how are they going to make things happen so leads come in?

It has to start with the right type of social media ads as that is the only way you are going to generate positive returns. By being able to create and market potential ads on social media platforms, you are going to be hitting a major target market.

There are thousands of clients who frequent Fiverr that are in need of such services and you will want to be the one they choose. It is a no-brainer.

4) Shoutouts

There is a lot of trouble when it comes to getting the word out about a business.

Too many people don’t think about what they are doing and that is the reason they struggle to earn money. You want to think about leveraging your social media resources or assets and making the most out of them. The goal is to offer spots for businesses that want to advertise on your Twitter account/FaceBook page.

It is a real money-maker because businesses are always in search of new accounts that are put in front of them on Fiverr. You want to be one of those gigs.

5) Short Videos/Testimonials

What is one thing businesses are not going to have the ability to make?


Yes, testimonials are something you can’t make on your own because you want strangers to go about producing them. To ensure you are getting a fair comment that is going to add value to the business, a client will aim to obtain a provider from Fiverr.

This is where you are going to come in with a gig.

There is always demand for new gigs because variation is the name of the game with short videos. A new face is going to make it easier to generate results.

6) Editing

Writing articles is one thing but who is going to proofread them?

It is important to have a solution that is going to proofread what is being written and that is always going to be in demand. For most clients, it is the value that comes here that is appealing.

Editing is always going to be required since clients are looking to do everything in one shot. Many providers are now leveraging their article services and adding editing features too.

Final Thoughts

These are the high demand gigs on Fiverr right now and are still trending upwards. A quality gig isn’t about finding one or two providers who are doing well bu about a market of clients who are interested in the same gig. This is when you are going to strike oil and make a lot of money in a short period of time. Too many gigs are useless or tend to go after major competitors that are taking all of the clients. You want to go after a larger market such as the six mentioned here.

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