Lose Fat But Not Muscle [2018] A Guide for Men

how a guy can drop weight but not lose muscle mass

It’s great to go on a new diet and follow a great workout regimen until it all goes wrong.

The real issue for men who are making changes to their lifestyle has to do with their weight loss goals. In most cases, you are going to follow a routine that helps lose weight but also starts to take away muscle. While there are other plans where you pack on the muscle but pack on fat too.

This is why it is important to optimize how you approach the task so you can do a bit of both.

1) Eat Slightly Below Maintenance

Start with targeting the number of calories you are eating.

The average man is going to look at weight loss as a means to starve themselves. This is horrific and is going to ruin your physical wellbeing in days. You will not feel well and it is going to harm you even if the weight goes away.

The idea should be to look at your caloric maintenance level (i.e. the number of calories to maintain your current weight) and then eat 300-500 less than that per day. This is all you have to do. Make sure you are getting enough proteins (bodyweight in grams at least) as that will help maintain muscle too.

2) Workout With Heavy Weights

You also have to look at what you are doing in the gym.

Are you lifting the right way? It is common for men to think they have to start running a lot or doing a lot of cardio to shed fat. Sure, fat loss can be expedited with cardio but it is also going to destroy muscular gains.

You are going to be losing muscle too!

It is important to workout with a purpose and that manes lifting heavy. Of course, this doesn’t mean you start breaking “one rep” maxes on a cut. You will want to keep it reasonable so you are able to lift the weight at least 8-10 times per set before resting.

3) Stay Consistent

This might be the most underrated aspect of losing fat without losing muscle.

You want to stay consistent whether it has to do with what you are eating or what you are doing in the gym. Don’t be all over the place as that is going to be a real disaster. You are going to hate how sluggish you feel and it is never going to work out.

You have to stay dialed in as much as possible.

4) Focus on Compound Movements

While you are lifting heavy, also think about what you are doing in the gym when it comes to the movements.

You want to go with a solution that is going to include deadlifts, squats, and the bench press. If you are not including these movements along with the pushup, sit-up, and pull-up then you are not doing enough to warrant positive results. This is essential for optimal development.

5) Eat Healthily

What are you eating on a regular basis?

It is one thing to get the right number of calories and another to make sure the calories are healthy. You are not going to last long if your approach is to wholly ignore what is being put in your body as long as it is hitting the right caloric numbers.

It is important to eat your fruits, vegetables, and proteins. Be smart so you are not left in a pickle because you have not been eating the right things on a daily basis. Putting in all of the work and then not eating the right way is a disaster.

6) Drink Water

Yes, you want to drink water when it comes to losing fat while still retaining your muscles.

The idea is to keep the body fresh. Water is essential for the human body so you want to keep drinking it. Put away the alcohol, carbonated drinks, and any other liquid calorie. You want to stick to water as much as you can because it is vital for a good diet.

It will help you get more out of your workouts in the gym too and that is a true positive as well.

These are the ways men can lose fat while still being able to retain their muscle. For those who are bulking and may want to start a cut, it is going to begin here. A good cut is going to start with the basics and that is what you want to do with the tips mentioned. You want to set the foundation so you are losing fat like it is nothing. The moment you do this is when you are going to feel on top of the world and it is going to become simple to lose weight without shedding muscle.


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