How Much Does Nutrisystem Cost in 2019?

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Pricing Info by Day, Week, and Month

Nutrisystem is one of the most popular meal delivery diet plans on the planet, and that’s because of a pretty simple reason – it produces amazing weight loss results!

The best part is, it works great for both men and women, so it doesn’t really matter who you are – you should expect to lose a substantial amount of weight when you follow the program correctly.

On top of that, the cost of the entire Nutrisystem program is very reasonable, so just about anyone can afford it!

When you first start thinking about joining the program, there are going to be a number of different things that you will want to consider before committing yourself to this amazing diet.

two boxes of nutrisystem meals site on a couch

One of the most important things to consider, will be whether or not your can afford the cost of the month fees. As I mentioned above, Nutrisystem is actually very affordable, especially when you compare it to your average grocery bill these days.

On top of that, they offer three different pricing plans to choose from, so the have an option that can fit most budgets.

Below we’ll detail all of the different Nutrisystem plans that you have to choose from, and how much each plan costs for both men and women.

There are also some great ways to lock in big savings on most of the Nutrisystem plans, so we’ll also be showing you where you can find the best Nutrisystem deals as well.

Nutrisystem Plans & Pricing Options: New Changes for 2019


Nutrisystem Updated their Pricing List Recently, and also added a new plan – Uniquely Your Plus – See New Costs and Details Below:

*Important Note: If you visit Nutrisytem’s website, these are the prices you can expect to pay for their latest plans. DadQuarters has access to some exclusive savings, and you can see how much we can help you save below:

Regular Nutrisystem Prices:

Nutrisystem Prices with Discount:

As you can can see, there’s a pretty big cost savings with our exclusive deals!

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Which Plan Works Best for You?


  • Nutrisystem's most affordable plan ever. Enjoy a pre-selected menu with 28-day supply of food and snacks.
  • $10.18 a Day
  • $8.39

  • CORE

  • Nutrisystem's most popular plan! Freedom to build your own menu or let them do it for you.

  • $11.07 a Day
  • $9.29


  • Nutrisystem's best plan, and full access to their top-rated frozen food menu. More than 150 menu times to pick from!
  • $12.50 a Day
  • $10.71


  • Get all of the benefits of the Uniquely Yours plan, plus their awesome Turbo Shakes! This is their biggest and best plan EVER.
  • $13.93 a Day
  • $12.14

*The prices you see listed below, are without the 40% discount we currently have available for readers

1. Basic

a nutrisystem meal

Chef’s Choice:

  • Women: $9.82 per Day / $274.99 per Month with Auto-Delivery
  • Men: $11.25 per Day / $314.99 per Month with Auto-Delivery

Custom Menu

  • Women: $10.54 per Day / $296.97 per Month with Auto-Delivery
  • Men: $11.96 per Day / $336.97 per Month with Auto-Delivery

The Basic Plan is their most affordable option, and it’s the one I choose the first time I signed up for Nutrisystem, mainly because of the very reasonable cost.

It’s a great option for getting started on the program – you can always upgrade later if you decide you want more variety.

2. Core

Same Price for Favorite’s Pack & Custom Menu:

one of the best nutrisystem dinners

  • Women: $10.54 per Day / $294.99 per Month with Auto-Delivery
  • Men: $11.96 per Day / $334.99 per Month with Auto-Delivery

The Nutrisystem Core Plan has more than 100 menu items to choose from, and it doesn’t cost any extra to build your own custom menu.

3. Uniquely Yours

Same Price for Favorite’s Pack & Custom Menu:

  • Women: $11.96 per Day / $334.99 per Month with Auto-Delivery
  • Men: $13.39 per Day / $374.99 per Month with Auto-Delivery

The Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours plan features more than 150 menu items to choose from, including their Frozen meals and desserts.

The frozen entrees really are a nice option, and can even enjoy things like ice cream sandwiches for dessert. While it does cost a bit more than the other plans, it’s well worth it, in my opinion, especially if you consider yourself more of a “foodie.”

4. NEW Uniquely Your Plus 

a box of chocolate nutrisystem shakes

Same Price for Favorite’s Pack & Custom Menu:

  • Women: $13.93 per Day / $389.99 per Month with Auto-Delivery
  • Men: $15.36 per Day / $429.99 per Month with Auto-Delivery

Uniquely Your Plus includes everything in their original Uniquely Yours plan, but for the additional cost, you also get 28 of their belly-blasting shakes, and you get access to their biggest and best menu ever!

Specialty Plans

Nutrisystem Vegetarian

Same Price for Favorite’s Pack & Custom Menu:

  • Women: $11.96 per Day / $334.99 per Month with Auto-Delivery
  • Men: $13.39 per Day / $37.99 per Month with Auto-Delivery

Nutrisystem D – Their Diabetes Plan

the nutrisystem for diabetics weight loss kit

Nutrisystem also offers meal delivery options for people who have Type 2 diabetes or considered to be pre-diabetic.

They have Basic, Core, and Uniquely Yours plans, and they’re the same price as their traditional offerings.

Head here if you want to read our review about the Nutrisystem D program.

How Does Auto-Delivery Work?

The Nutrisystem Auto-Delivery plan is a great way to cut down on the overall cost of your order, lock in free FedEx shipping, and ensures you will get your meals automatically delivered at the end of every month.

If you decide to cancel the Auto-Delivery shipments, you can do so without paying a penalty as long as you have been on the program for at least two months.

If you need to cancel before your first month is up, the early cancellation fee will cost your around $99. There are some ways to avoid paying this fee, however.

a bowl of their chicken noodle soup which is very affordable

If you decide to quit Nutrisystem after your first month, you will have to pay the fee if you took the auto-delivery discount. But, you can also switch your second month’s order to their TurboShakes, for example. I think the shakes cost around $80.

This will save you the cancellation fee, plus subtracts another $200+ plus from your order if you’re dropping the meal delivery.

The best way to learn more about this is to call Nutrisystem Customer Service once you’ve signed up (1 (800) 585-5483), and a counselor can walk you through the process and any of the costs associated with it.

This being said, if you have a significant amount of weight to lose, you may want to budget/plan for being on Nutrisystem for at least a couple of months to give you enough time to reach your goals.

Other Costs to Consider

For the most part, you won’t have to spend a ton of money beyond what you’re paying for your Nutrisystem food every month.

There are some additional costs, though, that you’ll want to factor into your monthly budget just so you know what to expect going in.

some of my favorite nutrisystem foods

When you’re following the Nutrisystem program, you will want to mix in fresh fruits and veggies with your meals.

This can include making a side salad to enjoy with one of your entrees at lunch or dinner, or you can even buy fresh vegetables to sauté as a side dish as well.

From my experience, you can get away with spending less than $100 per month on extra vegetables and fruits.

I was able to save money here by buying bagged salads, and if you hit the sales that helps cut down on your costs as well.

In addition to your groceries for the month, you also have the option of getting extra bars, shakes, and snacks from Nutrisystem every month if you want, but they’re optional and aren’t required to complete the diet.

Flex Meals

Nutrisystem knows that you’re not going to be on their diet forever, so they also want to teach you how to make healthy meals and choices for life after their diet. They help you do this by adding in optional “flex” meals each week. This gives you a chance to eat out with friends, or make a delicious home-cooked meal to enjoy with your family.

If you do opt to eat out, there will obviously be some additional costs that come with it, but enjoying these Flex meals is a well worth it, in my opinion, just so you can enjoy something besides the Nutrisystem food for a change.

a grilled chicken sandwich and veggies from their Uniquely Yours plan

Nutrisystem has guides that tell you what to order at most popular restaurants, and they also have a grocery shopping guide, so don’t worry – they’re there to help when the time comes!

Final Thoughts

Nutrisystem is a very affordable way to lose weight and produces amazing results for those who stick with it.

On average you can expect to pay between $274.99 to $374.99 for their meal delivery service, depending on which plan you decide to go with.

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