nutrisystem guide for eating out

Nutrisystem Guide for Dining Out

Eating is something that we do for a variety of reasons. These include eating for nutrition and energy but also many of us eat to be social and unfortunately many of us have learned to eat when we’re bored or frustrated and other such reasons.

Whenever we go on a diet we often find ourselves out with friends or family at a restaurant and we really don’t know how to stick with the diet and still be able to enjoy our time at the restaurant with those friends and family. The following is a Nutrisystem eating out guide that keeps you on target.

Don’t Avoid Eating Out – Just Be Smart

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In modern life, there are many times where we will need to eat out and some of these can include family gatherings, dinner dates, business lunches, and even sports events.

Other activities that might involve eating out include going to the food court while at the shopping mall and even choices that you might need to make when going to see a favorite movie.

All of these activities put us in a position where we have to make choices that are either good for a diet or that take us off of it.

One of the major points of Nutrisystem is its ability to be flexible. To promote the idea of flexibility, this diet system refers to the meals eaten out at restaurants or prepared at home by yourself, as ‘Flex Meals’.

The reason Nutrisystem promotes this idea is because it recognizes that you are unlikely to eat packaged prepared meals forever. For this reason, it is necessary to learn how to make appropriate choices when at a restaurant or the supermarket.


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Going to the movies is a favorite pastime for many. The only problem is that the choices that are available for snacking during the movie are pretty much off-limits to anyone who is seriously trying to follow a diet plan.

At the same time, it’s important that you be able to go and that you can feel comfortable and enjoy the movie.

The most sensible and practical solution would be to simply eat before you go.

Doing this can allow you to make the most appropriate choices. Even so, for many being able to nibble throughout the movie is part of the fun of going.

Additionally, when it is an activity done with others who will be eating, it makes it even more compelling to eat during the movie. To be able to accommodate this situation you should strongly consider bringing something with you.

You can choose a healthy snack or even one of the Nutrisystem snacks. Of course, many movie theaters do not want you to bring in your own food and if doing so makes you feel uncomfortable there still is an appropriate choice.

Popcorn without butter is a reasonably good choice that doesn’t go far off your diet. If you choose to share that popcorn with another person then even better.

For a drink, it’s best to choose something like sparkling water but if a soft drink is what you crave, then try a zero calorie choice although you should generally avoid most zero calorie soft drinks as much as possible.

Top Five Tips For Dining Out on Nutrisystem

1. Make A Plan

the nutrisystem guide for eating out

The key to successfully eating out on Nutrisystem is to plan out your choices. Take the time to look for restaurants that can serve the food that your friends and family will enjoy eating while at the same time giving you healthy choices that can taste great while allowing you to stay on your diet.

Because the internet makes it so easy, anyone who wants, can easily go online and review the menu and the food choices that a restaurant has available so that you can plan out your meal before you go.

2. Avoid Foods That Use These Words In Their Description

There are certain words that restaurants commonly use when describing their various dishes and some of these should be avoided when following the Nutrisystem diet. Words such as super-sized, pan-fried, scalloped, creamy, battered, sauteed, and all gratin are some of the words to avoid.

There are others but this is a pretty good list of some of the words that you should look for and avoid when making your choices.

3. Never Drink Your Calories

One of the reasons for the obesity epidemic suffered in many countries today is the overconsumption of calories in drinks. One can of cola has over a hundred and fifty calories that includes almost 40 g of sugar.

The problem is if we were to eat the same amount of calories it would have an impact on our appetite but when you drink it, it has very little impact.

pick this not that is one tip from Nutrisystem's guide

Often at restaurants, we are able to get large size drinks or free refills which means we’re consuming hundreds of calories and sometimes what should be the entire meals caloric value is consumed simply from those drinks.

4. Slow Down And Taste Your Food

Far too many people in the modern age essentially inhale their food. This leads to problems.

The first problem is the fact that the stomach takes 20 to 30 minutes before it can give the body a feeling of fullness. When we inhale our food we can consume much more than we need.

The second is that there is a certain level of satisfaction when we enjoy our food that is missed when we inhale it. Learning to slow down and thoroughly chew our food and taste it and enjoy it will mean we can eat less and get more from it.

5. Follow the Guide!

The best part is, Nutrisystem has a complete guide for how to make smart choices when you’re dining out! When you sign up, you’ll quickly find out that they pretty much have a guide or tips for every situation, so if you want to take any guesswork out of it, just follow their tips and you’ll be set!

You can find the PDF at the end of this post.

Bottom Line

The whole idea of following the Nutrisystem diet is to change your approach to eating. To get long-term results means developing ways to live your normal life and still eat in a healthy way that promotes a waistline that is healthy. It’s really not as hard as it may first appear to be once you have the tools needed to accomplish that goal.

Following the strategies in this guide can help – on top of that, Nutrisystem includes a complete guide for dining out, so you can follow that after signing up to help you learn how to eat at restaurants smartly!

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