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If you’re an American, there’s a pretty good chance you have seen advertisements for Nutrisystem at some point – either on TV, online, at Walmart, or even on QVC. They are known for famous celebrity endorsers like Marie Osmond and Dan Marino, who often appear on television to vouch for this meal delivery diet.

We’ve done a full review of Nutrisystem here at, but how well does it actually work for men? Well, good news – I’ve tried the diet, and it definitely works for guys when you follow the system correctly.

Well, good news – I’ve tried the diet, and it definitely works for guys when you follow the system correctly. Right now, with the brand new Lean 13 program, Nutrisystem is offering men the chance to lose up to 15 pounds, and 7 inches from their waist, in their first month on the program.

Below, we’ll detail exactly what Nutrisystem for Men is really all about – how much it costs, which plans you can choose from, and how much weight the average guy can expect to lose.

Nutrisystem: The Key Details

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When you go to sign up for Nutrisystem, there are several different options to choose from – The Basic, Core and Uniquely Yours are their three main offerings:

Basic – Their Most Affordable Plan

Cost: $11.25 per Day / $314.99 per Month (CLICK HERE for BEST Price)

With the Basic Plan for Men, Nutrisystem will send you a selection of their most popular menu items every month. You can pay a bit more to have more control over your menu, but I have always found the Nutrisystem Favorite’s Pack to offer more than enough variety.

When you sign up for their basic service you’ll receive a 4-week supply of meals and snacks with a menu that is crafted some of their most popular items – that includes things like hamburgers, chocolate brownies, and even pasta.

The basic is their most affordable plan, but still provides an easy-to-follow plan for safe and effective weight loss.

Core – Their Most Popular Plan

Cost: $11.96 per Day / $334.99 per Month – CLICK HERE for Best Price

With the Core Plan for Men, you get slightly more variety, with more than 100 menu items to choose from. This is the most popular Nutrisystem plan, and a great way to get started with the program. You can also create a fully customizable menu for no extra charge.

Uniquely Yours

Cost: $13.39 per Day / $374.99 per Month – CLICK HERE for Best Price

Uniquely Yours is Nutrisystem’s Top-Rated plan and features more than 150 menu items. You also get to choose from their frozen items, which are definitely a notch above their traditional fare. That’s not to say the other food isn’t good, but the frozen foods are a nice bonus – they include things like ice cream sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, chicken mozzarella melts, and chicken parmesan.

If can afford the extra couple of bucks per day, Uniquely Yours is definitely the way to go.

How Does the Nutrisystem for Men Plan Work?

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When you sign on with Nutrisystem for Men they provide you with a guide to get you started, so you will know exactly what you need to do to have success with the program. Here are the basics of how the plan works:

  • Get to 5 Times per Day
  • Fresh Fruits and Veggies are Part of Your Diet
  • Lose Up to 1 to 2 Pounds Every Week
  • High Protein/High Fiber Meals
  • No Artificial Preservatives
  • Balanced Nutrition 
  • A Month’s Worth of Meals Delivered Right to Your Door

Speciality Plans

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In addition to the three main plans we detailed above, they also offer the following specialty plans:

Diabetes Plans

  • Helps you Take Control of Your Diabetes
  • Safe Weight Loss


  • 90+ Vegetarian Meals to Choose From
  • Also Includes Frozen Options


Nutrisystem for Men provides a reliable and safe way for guys to lose weight, with the added convenience of delivering the meals right to your door each month. They have a number of different options to choose from, and right now guys can expect to lose up to 15 pounds during their first month on the program.

As a guy who lost more than 30 pounds using this diet, I can tell you that their plan works if you stick with it. It is an adjustment at first, but the longer you’re on the program, the easier things get. By the time you’ve reached your weight loss goals, your body should be adjusted to needing less food, which will help you keep the weight off once you’re ready to transition off the program.

Learn more by visiting the official Nutrisystem site, or click the link below to activate their latest discount:

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