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Nutrisystem Weekend’s My Way 

Almost anyone who is considering a diet has heard of Nutrisystem before. However, what is odd is not many people have really explored the value of the Nutrisystem diet plans and this often means people are left out in the dark on what all the plans are able to offer for them when it comes to dieting.

One of those diet plans that often is overlooked is the Nutrisystem My Way Plan. That is what is going to be covered here, which will help people know more about the plan and if it will actually be beneficial for them to have this plan in place or if they need to consider a different plan altogether.

What is the Nutrisystem Weekend’s My Way Plan?

Nutrisystem is one of Medifast's top competitors

The Nutrisystem My Way Plan is one that is going to have the food being delivered to you.

This is going to make it easier for you to get the food that you need to have delivered to you and know the food will help you out in getting the enjoyment you want to have.

However, at the same time, you will find the food you are going to get is quite a bit different in the way that it is made is done in proportions that will help you in losing weight.

Now, something else that you will like with this plan is the way it was designed is to help you lose weight and at the same time allow you to keep your daily routine going.

This is a great option that you are going to love because it really does make it easier for you to do things that you normally would not be able to do with some of the diet plans. For example, on some diet plans, you can only eat certain foods or remove some foods.

This makes it difficult for you to find the right place to eat at times and can definitely make it nearly impossible for you to eat out. With this system, it does not really restrict you with regards to what you can eat, but it is going to help you lose the weight you are wanting to lose.

How Does Nutrisystem Weekend’s My Way Work?

a selection of Nutrisystem foods for Canadians

Nutrisystem My Way (see testimonials) is going to follow the same concept as most of the diet plans you are going to already be exposed to. It will use a diet controlled plan that is going to give you a certain amount of food to eat each day, and on top of that, it’s very affordable (learn more here).

This is where the fun part comes in is that you can actually eat these meals with everyone else around the dinner table and not feel hungry.

This is different than some of the diet plans in the past where the food everyone else was eating looked so good and you had a leaf of lettuce to eat. So this is definitely a plus you are going to like with the plan you can use here.

What is really nice about this concept is it does allow you to have some of the foods that you are used to eating. So you will not have to edit out something like pasta completely out of your diet.

With the limited portions, you will find that it is going to give you the amount of food you need, but it will be the food you want to eat and you are not stuck eating a salad all the time for the meals that you are eating.

How Much Does the My Way Plan Cost?

a cup of nutrisystem soup

The cost of the plan is something that you will find as a variable and it will really vary depending on the food that you pick out. Yes, each piece of food is diet controlled and limited in portions, which will help you in losing weight.

However, at the same time, you will find that the food is going to be perfect for you to use if you want to lose the weight.

As far as the cost it has been reported by multiple people and on the various websites that it will run you about eight to ten dollars per day for the food. So this could even be seen as cheaper than eating the meals that you would have been eating.

This is very true if you were eating out all the time because it is going to cost you an average of almost five to ten dollars per meal if you are going to a fast food restaurant. So you can imagine the savings you are going to get with the Nutrisystem My Way Plan being in place and ready for you to use.

Can I Snack With This Plan?

nutrisystem shakes and turbo booster

As we mentioned this is a plan that is not going to really mess up your daily life. This is a great feature and one that you are sure to enjoy because it means you can finally eat what you want to eat from the plan and not have to be concerned about missing out on some of the foods that you love.

This means that you can eat a snack with the plan and it is actually included in the plan.

So this will make it easier for you to get the proper amount of food intake and not have to be concerned about missing out on any of the snacks that you would usually be taking in to help you in making it through the day.


Finding a great diet plan is a lot easier than what you may think. However, what you need to realize is that Nutrisystem has come out with a new diet plan that is meant to help you lose weight in a safe and sane manner.

You just have to make sure you know more about the Nutrisystem My Way Plan.

By knowing about this plan you will find that you do not have to make any major lifestyle changes or be concerned about being hungry or eating by yourself because the other meals look so amazing.

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