Nutrisystem Success Transition & Maintenance Program

the nutrisystem maintenance and transition programs

Nutrisystem is a simplified weight loss program unlike anything else currently on the market. The developers of the diet do most of the hard work for you.

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They design healthy and delicious meals with specific calorie counts and nutrient levels. The idea is that a program like this will take all of the guesswork out of dieting. You know that what you are eating is healthy and therefore are more likely to lose weight.

The standard Nutrisystem program consists of meals that are sent to your door every day. The meals are completely pre-packaged and correctly portioned. Nutrisystem provides its customers with a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. There are also snack options available.

Though all of the food necessary for the program is included, it is possible to add your own fruits or vegetables on the side.

A standard program lasts for 28 days. A recent study conducted revealed that customers are the Nutrisystem program lost more weight than participants in a control group.

That being said, the program only works if you adhere to the guidelines, such as avoiding eating out and limiting alcohol intake. And, of course, regular exercise will provide a significant boost to the results.

The Nutrisystem Transition & Maintenance Programs

Key Takeaways

  • Goal is to Maintain Your Weight Loss
  • They Have a Plan for Long-Term Success
  • Nutrisystem is There to Help

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Over the years, Nutrisystem (read a review) has evolved to include a number of different meals, ingredients, and programs. They are no longer focused entirely on the “28-day weight loss program”, though that remains their flagship product. One of their latest additions includes a number of transition and maintenance programs.

The necessity for such plans arose after critics began to claim that the Nutrisystem program wasn’t a viable solution for long-term weight loss. It did help people lose weight, but they often went back to their old eating habits after the program had ended.

The transition and maintenance programs are designed to help people transition from the 28-day program to their own healthy eating schedule.

The goal is to help maintain their weight after losing it.

Most of the transition programs available work by only providing specific meals or snacks during the week.

They also provide:

what comes with the Nutrisystem success plans

  • Healthy Recipes
  • Weight Loss and Health Information
  • Tools That Help You Make Your Own Healthy Eating & Exercise Choices

For example, they include a portion control container that is used to ensure correct portions are chosen for each meal. They also include guides that will teach the customers how to cook healthy and stay healthy.

There are a total of four unique transition and maintenance programs available from Nutrisystem. Each of the programs offers something unique that helps it stand out from the others. Choosing the correct plan is a matter of understanding your own eating habits.

If you aren’t confident in your ability to cook healthy dinner meals, then you might choose the pan that provides dinner meals only on weekdays. In comparison, there are also plans that provide breakfast, lunch, and snack every day of the month, but do not provide any dinner meals. Instead, they provide recipes and portion control containers. Here is a closer look at the available transition programs.

Nutrisystem Success Plan Options

1. Nutrisystem Dinners My Way Plan

the Nutrisystem Dinners My Way plan is a great way to transition off the program

The first transition program is labeled “Dinners My Way” and it works just like it sounds. For 28 days, Nutrisystem will send you breakfast, lunch, and snacks on a daily basis. Meanwhile, it’s up to you to create your own dinner meals for each day.

Your goal should be to follow the healthy eating habits you learned from your previous experience with the standard 28-day plan. This plan also includes a weight loss eating plan, portion control containers, and several recipes.

It is a great tool for transitioning from the standard program without losing all of your healthy eating habits. Not only can you continue to lose weight if you remember what you have learned, but in the future, you will be able to maintain your weight without any assistance from Nutrisystem.

2. Just Lunches and Snacks Plan

This plan isn’t too different from the “Dinners My Way” plan. You will still be responsible for making your own dinner meals each day of the month. However, this one adds an extra layer of self-reliance by requiring you to make your own breakfast meals as well.

Each day, Nutrisystem will provide you with a lunch meal and a snack. Similar to the previous plan, they also provide portion containers, a healthy eating guide, and relevant recipes.

Many people transition to this plan after 28 days with the “Dinner My Way Plan”. It’s often viewed as a final step before complete self-reliance. You can use the time with this plan to perfect your healthy dinner and breakfast meals while also learning what goes into a healthy lunch.

3. Nutrisystem Weekends My Way Plan

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The third plan is ideal for people who believe they will have trouble transitioning from the standard plan. Unlike the previous two plans, this option does include a number of dinner meals and breakfast meals. As the name implies, it doesn’t affect the weekends. For two days each week, you are completely responsible for preparing your own meals. That includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and dessert.

4. A La Carte Plan – Bars, Shakes, and Meals

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The final transitional program offers the most flexibility. You will have unlimited options in terms of meals and snacks as well as the days you receive them. Perhaps you want only breakfast from Nutrisystem some days and then other days you want dinner and dessert.

This plan is ideal for those who understand the personal trouble areas. If you know that you have trouble preparing healthy dinner meals, then you can choose to receive only dinner from Nutrisystem.

Final Thoughts – Long Term Weight Loss That Works

The transitional programs from Nutrisystem were designed to help customers maintain a healthy weight after finishing their standard 28-day routine. Each of the programs lasts for an additional 28 days and in some way limits the number of meals received from Nutrisystem.

Ideally, you should be able to move away from Nutrisystem completely after the transition and prepare your own healthy meals at home. These programs have worked for countless people and they can work for you as well.

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