How to Potty Train a Dog [2018] Tips for Getting it Done FAST

teaching a dog to use the bathroom

Similar to infants, puppies need to learn how to control their bodily functions independently. They need to learn how to control their bladders and bowels knowing how to find the correct sport for urinating or depositing feces. As with infants, this can be taught using an activity known as “potty training”, and if you want to potty train a dog, you must ensure that the dog understands your commands. If he or she does not understand instructions, potty training will be far more difficult than could be imagined. This article will provide information on how to potty train a dog successfully.

The majority of dog owners will agree that when their pets urinate on the furniture, appliances, or even the carpet in their home, it can be a stressful situation. Not only do they find themselves faced with a foul odor and wet item, but they need to clean the urine away. The best answer to this problem is to potty train or house train the pet. While there are professional trainers available to offer this service, this can be costly and may be useless if your dog is not fond of strangers. The best option, in this situation, is to potty train the dog personally.

Contrary to popular belief, the training procedure is a relatively simple one if you and your pet have a trusting relationship. Studies have found that dogs are more likely to retain information from lessons when they are rewarded as compared to punished – this is a psychological concept known as positive reinforcement. Pet owners who know little about training animals should bear this concept in mind as it requires a great deal of respect, trust, and patience with the dog if you wish them to become more obedient. By showing them you are someone to be feared, they will refuse to listen and become fearful or nervous ignoring your instructions.

To potty train a dog successfully, it is important that you understand the fundamental concepts behind dog training: timing and effort. Evidence shows that ideal timing for potty training is to teach them during their puppy stage. In fact, the earlier you train the dog to eliminate wastes in a suitable area, the sooner they will learn the routine. If, however, the pet is much older they will find it more difficult to integrate the routine into their habit. This means that more effort will be required for training and you will need to repeat the routine until it becomes a habit for the dog.

According to instinct, dogs do not relieve themselves in areas they identify as their home or are comfortable with. In fact, dogs are known to “hold it in” until they can no longer do so if they are not provided with a chance to relieve themselves outside of their personal space. When a dog urinates or excretes waste in a home, you should not view it as him or her being disrespectful but rather as a chance to correct the behavior. This is an opportunity to bond with the animal and effectively potty train them.


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