How to Report Identity Theft to the Police – A Guide for 2018

how to report id theft to authorities

Have you been victimized by someone who stole your identity? If you’ve recently found out you’re a victim of identity theft, it’s important to make a report to the local authorities. It’s frustrating to deal with this kind of situation, but you can’t just choose to let it go. If you’re not sure how to make a report and you’re feeling stressed out, there are some steps you should follow to handle this problem as efficiently and calmly as possible.

Find Your Closest Police Station

The first thing you’ll need to do is visit the police station where you’ll be able to make a police report based on your findings. You’re going to have to provide information about the theft and then explain exactly what happened to the police officer who is jotting this information down on the report. If the theft was local because someone stole your wallet and used your debit or credit cards at different places in and around the area, you’ll likely need to speak to a detective who works at the station.

The detective may be able to look into obtaining surveillance footage of the person who used your identification to make purchases at some of these different establishments. If any of the establishments have surveillance cameras inside or outside of the building, the detective may be able to get some decent footage of the individual, which may then be used to help find the person who is behind the identity theft while holding them responsible for their bad behavior.

File an Additional Report With the FTC

Although a detective at the police station may be able to figure out who stole your identity, it’s not always that simple. In fact, someone living in another state or country could’ve stolen your identity if they managed to get their hands on some of your private information, such as your social security number. If that is the situation you’re dealing with right now, you’re going to need to file an additional report with the Federal Trade Commission.

Filing a report with the FTC is quite simple. They’ve made the whole process easier for victims of identity theft because they know these people are going through a lot and shouldn’t have to go through a lengthy process just to make a report of what happened to them. All you’ll need to do to file your report with the FTC is visit the website they’ve put together for situations like this, which is

Don’t Forget to Make a Report With the IRS

In addition to filing a police report and then making a report with the Federal Trade Commission, you should make a report to the Internal Revenue Service. There are a few reasons to contact the IRS to let them know what is going on. If a person is stealing your identity, they have your social security number, and that means they could end up trying to file taxes to get a return deposited into their own account instead of your bank account. If this happens, you wouldn’t be able to file your taxes because the IRS would assume you’ve already filed them when it was really the thief who did the initial filing.

By letting the IRS know what is going on, someone from the IRS would be able to provide you with an Identity Theft Pin. The pin number would be assigned to you and then you’d need to use it whenever you decide to file your taxes each year. The purpose of the pin is to protect you and your return. Someone who has stolen your identity wouldn’t have the pin and would then be unsuccessful if he or she tried to file taxes in your name to get back the thousands of dollars you’ve rightfully earned.

Final Thoughts

Identity theft is a growing and common problem in the United States. It’s happening more than ever before to people of all ages and it’s causing a whole lot of problems for the victims who are left dealing with the aftermath of it all. If you’re the victim of identity theft, there are a few things you’ll need to do to protect yourself moving forward.

Make sure you file a police report as soon as possible and then submit a report with the FTC. You should take the time to get in touch with the IRS to let them know what is going on as well. In addition to taking these steps, make sure you’re monitoring your credit reports – a program like Lifelock can help – to check for any possible changes that weren’t made by you. If you happen to notice anything out of the ordinary while reviewing your credit report, you’ll need to contact the credit companies as quickly as possible to get thing figured out and avoid any future problems.


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