Safe & Effective Diet Plans for Men

safe ways for guys to diet

Men around the world go through rigorous diet plans without seeing results and that has a lot to do with “Fad” diets.

These are diets that are in style for a few months or years and then die out. They are not designed on the basis of scientific research and are instead playing with your health when they shouldn’t be. Here is a deeper dive into what works and what is safe.

Examples of Good Diet Plans

1) Atkin’s Diet
2) Any Low-Carb + High Protein Diet

Modern Research

You will want to start with what the studies say about these diets and why a “low-carb + high protein diet” is the way to go. In general, this diet has been shown to help with losing weight while ensuring the rest of your numbers don’t drop.

Numerous diets were compared side by side on subject groups and it was the Atkin’s Diet that came out on top along with similar variations. By cutting carbs (reasonably) and eating a good amount of protein, you were able to lose weight while staying healthy. Other solutions were too harmful even if a person did end up losing weight with them. No one wants to get sick and that can happen with a fad diet that is useless.

Consistency is Key

To start with a plan, it is always important to note what studies have said in recent years. There is a common theme between them and it has to do with consistency. They believe it is important to follow a diet properly and religiously in order to see results. You can do as much research as you want and it is not going to work until you put in the time. This means you have to follow a routine and stick to it as best as you can.

This consistency is what will drive home the results.

Customization Matters

Don’t be afraid to work with the ground rules (i.e. cut carbs, increase proteins) but play around with what you are eating. Too many men assume they have to cut foods because it doesn’t fit what would be accepted as healthy.

Instead, you want to look at the core carbs and proteins.

Are you hitting the right numbers per meal or per day? This is more important for your body to lose weight. Customize the plan as much as you can so you can follow it without feeling like you are being tortured to death. For example, if you like fish then use this as a source of protein instead of chicken/beef.

Tips for Safe Diet Plans

1) Eliminate “Liquid” Calories

This is a major tip and one that is going to make it simpler to lose fat.

Liquid calories are the worst (milkshakes/carbonated drinks) because they don’t take up space in the digestive system. This means you automatically feel like eating more because you don’t feel “full” and your brain wants to keep adding more.

This is why cutting liquid calories is a good start.

2) Forget About Junk Food

You also want to get rid of junk food and this should be as obvious as anything can be.

You don’t want to eat junk food because it is bad for your organs and it isn’t going to do any favors when it comes to losing weight or getting fitter. It will only make things worse.

3) Drink Water

This is another tip that is going to be seen all the time with men’s diet plans but it is the obvious ones that are most important.

You have to drink water to keep the body functioning and losing weight. It has to flush out the toxins and stay fit. Water is going to be the gasoline that gets it all started.

4) Don’t Avoid Meals

It’s easy for men to assume they will need to cut out meals and that is one of the worst mistakes a person can make. The goal should never be to cut food as that is unhealthy and is not good in the long-term. Remember, the goal is to lose weight and not to starve yourself. Don’t avoid meals but start to change what you are eating (i.e. aim for filling foods) and learn to spread the portion sizes across the day rather than in one big meal.

Final Thoughts

These are strategies that will help with losing weight and is going to be an ideal diet plan for most men. Of course, please take the time to understand the variables associated with your health and seek assistance from a medical professional if needed. This will ensure the diet plan is safe, meaningful, and is going to generate the results needed to get fitter. The more you do this, the more you are going to lose in fat.


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