Unique Fiverr Ideas [2018] 6 Ways to Stand Out

unique fiverr gigs

Tired of going with traditional ideas on Fiverr?

Maybe you are not looking to go with article writing or graphic designing? This is normal as most people get tired of choosing between these options and you may not want to compete with everyone else for the same clients.

If you want to dominate on Fiverr, you will need to get creative and that is where these ideas are going to come into play. You will want to take a look at these six unique ideas and pick one to set up your next gig.

1) Sketches

Sketches are beautiful because they are quick for those who have a quick hand (like seen at festivals) and people are going to lap it up. You want to offer a solution that is easy such as a portrait because you will have enough skill to make it.

Those who are apt at artistic work will want to make money doing this because it is a lot of fun and it makes money. The best part is you can branch out from this and make more money with additions to your original gig.

It is an idea that has real demand and truly works around your skillset.

2) Diet Plans

This is one of those ideas on Fiverr people are not going to mull over because they don’t consider it to be a real option. However, you are going to be surprised to note there are people who are going to give you money for a robust diet plan.

You will be able to customize the diet plan for them or even give them a look at what you are using right now.

This can give them ideas to work with and is a good template for any individual to follow for a quick $5 gig. Look into this if you want to try something in the nutrition section of Fiverr.

3) Personalized Gifts

What about personalized gifts that are made for the client?

This is great for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a birthday, or perhaps even Valentine’s Day. The best part is you are going to have so many holidays to work with and there is always a need for gifts. Plus, you will be able to easily differentiate yourself from every other gig because the gift is something you can choose.

You will be able to personalize it whether it is a drawing or something else. It is up to you and the client.

4) Sing a Song

This is unique because a lot of people don’t realize but there is a demand out there for songs.

If people are able to sing, you will want to head to Fiverr to make easy money. You can set up a gig and sing a quick 30-second clip for clients. It could be a jingle or a small cover of a famous song based on what their demands are.

It is easy for those who sing well and are going to be able to do this in one sitting.

Get your recording equipment out because it is going to make you money in a hurry.

5) Conduct Practice Interview Online

Ever had a big interview and felt nervous about how it is going to transpire?

A lot of people do and the major issue has to do with how the interview questions are completed. There are people who don’t practice properly and lose their dream job. This is why they want to practice as much as possible.

You will be able to offer a gig that is made to help these individuals out as soon as possible.

Go through Skype and make sure they are equipped to handle an interview.

6) Act As Girlfriend/Boyfriend Online

This is one of the intriguing gigs you could set up on Fiverr and it will work. There are people out there who want to have someone act as their girlfriend/boyfriend online and you will be the one who is responsible for playing the role.

It is a unique gig and something you are not going to see constant demand for but it will make money slowly. Plus, it is an easy gig to manage on a daily basis.

Final Thoughts

These are unique gigs that are going to be wonderful additions to your portfolio in the marketplace. There are thousands of ideas and each one has merit as long as you are offering quality. If you are able to illustrate a certain level of quality with the gig, you are going to have people take a look. Some will even pay up and take a look at what you are doing. This is where you are going to make money in the long-run. Always go for something unique because there is a lot of money to be made.

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