Worst Alcoholic Drinks for Your Diet

the worst alcohol for weight loss

Alcohol has long been noted as one of the biggest hurdles in dieting.

It’s something people are used to consuming whether it’s at the nightclub while partying, or even at a simple family get-together. Alcohol simply has a purpose in a person’s life that is hard to shake off like any other bad habit.

However, there are certain alcohol drinks that stand out for being the worst of the worst. These drinks are a major “no-no” and should be kept far away from you at all times.

Here’s a peek at the top ten worst alcoholic drinks for your diet.

Our Top Drinks to Avoid if You’re Trying to Lose Weight

1. Long Island Iced Tea

long island ice tea

It starts with Long Island iced teas, which is often misconstrued as being “okay” among people on diets.

Unfortunately, this is not an iced tea and that’s just a name that’s been given to it. Instead, this is made with a shot of cola that is filled with unwanted sugars and can do a lot of damage to your body in other ways.

Along with cola, there are the spirits that get added in, which immediately boost your caloric intake. In some cases, you end up drinking up to 600-800 calories in one go!

2. Mai Tai

A lot of people imagine sitting on the beach with a Mai Tai in hand but that’s a horrible idea!

Mai Tais are beautiful to look at with their tropical colors but that’s where the positives end. This is an alcoholic drink that is known for doing a tremendous amount of damage to your body because of its high sugar profile.

Yes, you are going to get some reprieve with the orange/pineapple juice but those are often artificially produced leading to a further surge of sugar.

As soon as you add the grenadine syrup, it’s a damaging concoction for diet lovers.

3. Amaretto Sour

a glass of amaretto sour sits on the bar

Based on its nutritional profile, this is filled with up to 30 grams of sugar per serving.

Amaretto sours are packed with carbs and sugar making them a bad idea. It’s important to remember a lot of people add syrups and table sugar on top of what’s already in the recipe.

4. Piña Colada

Who doesn’t live a good pina colada?

It has this rich texture and creaminess that is a joy to behold. However, it is also one of the worst alcoholic drinks to consume. Its nutritional profile encompasses 8 grams of saturated fat, 31 grams of sugar, and a number of additives.

Based on modern research on this particular drink, it is one of the worst drinks in the world in any situation even when you’re not on a diet!

5. Margarita

margaritas should be avoided if you want to lose weight

When it comes to a caloric-dense beverage, it’s time to look at a margarita. It is packed with up to 400-600 calories per serving and it gets worse when you add in the sides people get along with the drink.

6. Daiquiri

Daiquiris are known for their strawberry touch but that’s enough to make it a healthy option. In fact, a strawberry daiquiri is filled with up to 300 calories and is going to ruin your diet immediately.

7. White Russian

With a unique combination of Kahlua, cream, and vodka, you’re getting something that should never be in a human body!

The White Russian is one of those drinks that has caught on and become popular among the masses because of its fan-following among celebrities and athletes.

Unfortunately, each serving is packed with around 500 calories and that’s being kind based on how these drinks are made. According to what a human body needs, this is going to surpass the average amount of saturated fat a person should be consuming.

A lot of people end up drinking this beverage and it leads to serious weight gain.

8. Irish Coffee

an irish coffee being made

This drink is often associated with the cooler months of the year.

It has a beautiful combination of sugar, Irish whiskey, and cream that makes it a winter’s delight.

However, this is only if you’re not looking to lose weight because it also comes equipped with a frightening 300 calories per serving.

Along with the alcohol, you are also getting a burst of coffee that’s going to cause additional damage to the body. In fact, many people are unable to get enough rest due to this surge in caffeine intake.

9. Slush Cocktails

So many establishments (i.e restaurants, nightclubs) are starting to offer slush cocktails to their guests.

It has to do with the ongoing demand for these drinks as so many people love the idea of a well-formulated slush cocktail. It is a unique frozen drink that has an alcoholic and sugary element to it that is hard to resist.

Unfortunately, this is why it makes the list as one of the worst alcoholic drinks on the planet. The sugar is damaging and can often lead one to consume a ridiculous amount in one sitting.

10. Eggnog

Eggnog is one of the worst drinks for weight loss

The final drink on this list will have to be the winter break classic.

Whether it is the days preceding Christmas or the day itself, there’s a certain love for eggnog that is impossible to shake off.

However, it is time to put it away because eggnog recipes include milk, heavy cream, egg yolk, and of course brandy/bourbon/rum, which make it a disastrous option as a beverage. You don’t want to be consuming this on a regular basis nor should you be consuming at any time of the year.

The amount of sugar in a single serving of eggnog is similar to approximately 8-10 packets of sugar!

Are There Diets Where Drinking is OK?

south beach diet 7 day weight loss kit

If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s usually best to just avoid drinking if possible. At the very least, it’s going to be better for your health and diet goals if you limit your alcohol consumption.

That said, there may be times when you want be social, and enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine during a dinner part, or another special occasion.

Not all diets force you to completely eliminate booze, so if you’re looking for a program that allows it, South Beach Diet and keto (read our comparison of both here) are two you could check out.

Final Thoughts

Alcohol is a bad choice in most situations and it’s best to avoid it at all costs if want to lose weight and stay healthy.

That said, there are going to be times when a glass or two may be OK, as long as you’re over 21, drink responsibly, and limit yourself to drinks that aren’t packed full of calories.

Take the time to get rid of these drinks and improve the chances of your diet working!


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